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Months of flying have once again taken a toll on my skin and I am finding that I am getting certain skin concerns that I really shouldn’t be. Dehydrated is quite normal in my line of work, but I drink at least 3 litres of water per day, as well as using an intensive moisturiser and rich serum each night. Whether it’s my age, or just with how my skin is changing as the months go by, but I am seeing signs of ageing and I don’t like it. I wanted to get this post up a lot sooner than this but I have been using new skincare products from independent brand Medik8 for several weeks and to give a strong and unbiased review, I needed to stretch out the length of time I had been using it for, because I have seen a difference.

The brand Medik8 was totally new to me when I was first approached to try it. What struck me first of all was how Medik8 only manufacture products in small batches to ensure that the potency, freshness and stability of the product was at the forefront. As most brands manufacture large batches, you can never be sure of the freshness of the product and when dealing with intensive products for the face, stability and potency are really high on the list. There’s no point in forking out for something that may not be as potent as what you imagined it to be. Based in the UK, the products are entirely safe for the skin, but are of a professional strength, which is what I am looking for when dealing with anti ageing specific products.






Within my package of Medik8, I received three items; CE-Tetra Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum, Hydr8 Day Anti Ageing Moisturiser and the Retinol 3TR. Now, before I go into the products, I must just talk quickly about the addition of retinol. Retinol in the professional strength is quite an intensive addition to a skincare routine. The retinol in the Medik8 range comes in several strengths and I have the 0.3% grade retinol whilst is the mildest. The stronger the percenatage, the stronger the effect. I’ve been using retinol based products for the last few years and I have to adapt not only my skincare but my SPF each day to protect my skin as it does resurface the skins texture, making skin more prone to the elements.

The Retinol 3TR has to be phased into any skincare regime, and I started off using it twice weekly for the first few weeks before increasing the amount of time per week that I used it for. The Retinol, in a nutshell, basically works at a deeper level in the skin, and like glycolic acid products it smooths out skin and evens out pigmentation. It isn’t like a chemical peel and doesn’t leave skin irritated or raw but as it is working at a deeper level, it exposes new and fresh skin whilst it enhances collagen production.

From just using the retinol at the 3TR strength, over the last 6 weeks of so, I have definitely seen a difference in my skin. The surface texture has changed and although my lines were fine, they are now finer. It’s almost not enough Mr Joe Public to be able to tell a difference but you know your own face and you are aware of changes. For just the retinol addition, my skin has changed for the better.

Each evening, aside from using the retinol, I have been using a generous amount of CE-Tetra Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum. Being exposed to pollution and dirty atmosphere whilst flying, the serum has certainly benefited my skin. The first few days, I felt like my skin was crying out for the CE-Tetra and it was drinking it up when I applied it. There is a high amount of Vitamin C within CE-Tetra, which helps skin recover from sun damage. It’s quite incredible to think whilst in the air, in a metal tube, that I am exposed to so much global radiation that it can be as much as if I was sunbathing without SPF. For that reason, I wear an SPF every single day however I am still concerned about the levels of sun damage especially to my face. The CE-Tetra has really played a good part in my routine and I am so thankful that I have found such a potent and effective anti-ageing product.

Finally, the Hyd8 Day Moisturiser with added SPF15 has been used as a night cream rather than a day cream in my routine. With the strength of the serum and retinol, the Hydr8 Day Cream is just perfect for my skin. After quite a heavy and intensive Vitamin A and C addition, the cream is just enough to give me full hydration without being too rich. I have to bear in mind that the products that I am using are aimed at more mature skin and even though I have concerns which are being combated, I still need to remember my age and skin type. The cream is lightweight enough to be used as a day cream under make up without it making skin greasy or slippery, as it has a matte and powder like finish. I think I love this as a night cream because of that reason. Sometimes, I don’t want a slippery face when I go to bed.

I’ve been more than impressed with Medik8 and even more so with the prices of the products considering they are professional strength. I would certainly be on the lookout to try more from the range. The Medik8 website holds the full selection of products, and depending on your skin concerns, a full explanation can be found on each product.

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