Lipstick Week: The New Bourjois Colorboost Lip Crayons

Do you know what makes me really happy? New releases. And, what makes me even happier than new releases? New releases by Bourjois! It’s no secret about how Bourjois are quite possibly my favourite drugstore brand and over the last twelve months, Bourjois have given me a superb mascara, eyeshadow quads that have changed the way I do my eye make up and some of the longest lasting liquid lipsticks known to man. One of 2014s best discoveries were the Bourjois Colorboost Lip Crayons and they became a staple in my long haul make up, providing me with a splash of colour alongside intensely hydrated lips whilst I spending time in hot and humid climates. The first six colours in the Bourjois Colorboost Lip Crayon range were filled with bright reds, pinks and oranges but now three new grown up shades have been added, and they are just gorgeous.

Bourjois Colorboost Lip Crayons

Bourjois Colorboost Lip Crayons

Bourjois blurb states how the Bourjois Colorboost Lip Crayons offer a 10 hour hydration with its waterproof formula that is packed with SPF 15. I can’t say that I have felt 10 hours worth of hydration but for the period of time that it is present on my lips, it is hydrating. As I mentioned before, I do prefer to use these on my long haul trips as I find the SPF15 within the lip crayons protects whilst giving me a veil of colour that doesn’t look too ‘try to hard’ for the beach. They do feel so lovely on lip. It feels like wearing a very sheer balm, almost unnoticeable until you look in the mirror and see you have a light flush of colour.

Bourjois Colorboost Lip Crayons

07 Proudly Naked* is the only colour out of the three that I thought I would have difficulty in wearing as I really struggle with nearly nude colours. Surprisingly, the colour transfers onto my lips as a plumped up, shinier version of my own lip colour and compliments my skin tone. It is a barely there shade and only just noticeable but the light colouring works well and it is a shade that I will get a lot of use out of.

Bourjois Colorboost Lip Crayons

08 Sweet Macchiato* was the colour that I was really excited to try as its a deep warm berry shade however it looks quite brown and raisin like on me. As brown shades are a colour that I don’t usually wear, its quite weird seeing yourself in a shade that is so out of your comfort zone. I think it looks lovely when I view it through the pictures that I have taken of my lips, but when I glance in the mirror, I’m not 100% certain its my colour. I’m hoping that it will grow on me.

Bourjois Colorboost Lip Crayons

Finally, 09 Pinking Of It* is my kinda shade. Bright fuchsia pink, sheer but packing a punch. This one is definitely an Anoushka shade. It’s not mega in your face but more of a daytime look at my bright rosy pink lips that can be layered up for a deeper hit of colour. I think Pinking Of It, along with what’s left of Peach On The Beach and Orange Punch will be clocking up some Air Miles this summer.

Bourjois Colorboost Lip Crayons

The new shades launched this month and are readily available on line and in store at Boots alongside the existing six shades. They’re £7.99 and there is also a 3 for 2 offer on Bourjois at Boots this week.

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  • Ting

    These look lovely! Pinking of It looks like my kind of pink.
    Ting | The Ting Thing

  • Ohh Bourjois, they have done so well recently. Think I would happily give all of these home, can’t have them being lonely 😉

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • You have a point. I may need to get all the others!xx

  • Kirsty

    Love a good lip crayon! These shades are fab, especially Pinking of It and Proudly Naked. I just picked up the shade Peach on the Beach at the weekend and I’m looking forward to trying it out x

    Kirsty –

    • Peach on The Beach is my summer go to colour for sure xx