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My Handbag Essentials

If you were to delve into a woman’s handbag, you’d be not only shocked but surprised at the amount of rubbish that we lug around on a daily basis. I’ve been trying to reduce what I carry around by favouring smaller bags as of late as I am getting a bad back from all the so called necessities that I feel are important to me. With using smaller handbags, I’ve not been able to fit as much stuff inside and I’ve really had to think about my essentials. Setting myself a challenge, I have decided to prove to myself that I don’t need to carry my full makeup bag with me, and really only one lipstick is necessary. Heck, I’ve even replaced my large umbrella with a smaller, more compact tote umbrella. I decided to make a compact makeup bag that contained all the essentials that I possibly needed and with the exception of perfume, as that changes daily, I think I’ve accomplished it. Here are my five items that I will always have to hand, my handbag essentials.

My Handbag Essentials

My Handbag Essentials Oribe Texturizing SPray

My Handbag Essentials Plump and pout sleek lip crayon

My Handbag Essentials Plump and Pout Sleek Lip Crayon

My Handbag Essentials Roger and Gallet hand cream sublime

My Handbag Essentials Claudia Louch Intense Black Mascara

My Handbag Essentials Pug Tangle Teezer

My Handbag Essentials Pug Tangle Teezer

I have had this Charlotte Tilbury make up bag since the day the Charlotte Tilbury line launched in 2012. The original bag features the lipstick kisses and the names of the celebrities who have left their stamp on the design. I wish the original bag was still available as after many years of use, the bag has started to show age and discoloration from being in my bag. The latest versions are available on Charlotte Tilbury, with the cloth bag costing £15, but it has a different quote on the back as well as no names under the kisses.

The first of my five items is the Oribe Travel Sized Dry Texturizing Spray, £19, from Space NK. I recently met up with Jini Sanassy, the PR manager for Space NK and she insisted that the Oribe spray would be a game changer. She wasn’t wrong as I have since purchased the full size and I am in love with how the spray puts texture and grit back into the hair without it feeling full of product or stiff. My hair still feels freshly washed but takes on a certain hold that hair spray doesn’t give. It’s a god send for shorter haired ladies and it’s a definite essential.

Although I change my lipstick daily, and will often pop the lipstick of the day in my bag, I always carry a nude shade around, just in case. Sometimes, it’s nice to not wear lipstick or wear a lighter, more balm like product. The new Power Plump Lip Crayon by Sleek gives a little pop of colour, whilst making lips look plump with a little tingle. This shade is Notorious Nude and is a sheer nude shade with a satin finish.

I have been using a Tangle Teezer for as long as I can remember, and after having the opportunity to meet creator Shaun P, I have been very loyal to the brand. I don’t only own one Tangle Teezer but three, including a larger sized brush for my bedroom, a limited edition Lulu Guiness compact styler for my work handbag and now my cuter than cute Pug adorned brush. Not only do I own a few, but my dog Elsie also has one to help keep knots from her hair. The Tangle Teezer makes light work of deknotting hair, as well as keeping it looking smooth and shiny without snagging. Ideal for using on wet hair, it glides through without pulling, and it also helps backcomb hair so easily. Again, for short hair, it keeps my hair smooth and in the glossy bob that I struggle to achieve on a blustery day.

A hand cream is a definite must for each and every one of my handbags. Working in such dry conditions, my skin on my hands starts to feel tight and dry so quickly when I haven’t used cream. I’ve been using this lightly scented Roger & Gallet Sublime Hand and Nail Cream. The formula contains Evening Primrose Oil and Argan Oil to keep my hands fully hydrated without feeling greasy and slippery. In this unpredictable UK weather, I couldn’t be without hand cream. Or an umbrella!

The final essential of mine is a mascara and my current love comes from independent brand Claudia Louch. I have spoken in depth about how wonderful this brand is, as it focuses on using natural and organic products to create the formulas. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, and when they run when it’s windy, I don’t get black streaks all over my face as it’s water resistant. For that, I’m thankful! The mascara applicator is a plastic comb rather than a brush, which I prefer as I can get the most control over my lashes. The formula really pulls through lashes, curling and lengthening at the same time. For a water resistant mascara, it’s also surprisingly easy to remove at the end of the day as well.

What are your handbag essential? Do you carry the same things, or would you say your essentials are totally different? Let me know in the comments below.

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