28 Days of Lipstick: Day Twenty | MUA Matte Lipsticks

I’ve written for the last nineteen days about my favourite lipsticks, new finds and can’t live without items, but today I have to show you three lipsticks that I have been a tad disappointed by. MUA are a fantastic brand that bring cosmetics to you with an exceptionally good price point. MUA is that popular that my local Superdrug that they never have any items in stock, which leads me to believe that the cosmetics are highly popular and most wanted. I recently wrote a review on the MUA Luxe Lip Lacquers which are so pigmented and of an exceptional quality, so when I saw that MUA had brought out a their range of MUA matte lipsticks, I was more than keen to try.

MUA Matte lipsticks

Priced at a mere £1 each, I tried not to set myself any high expectations however I couldn’t help but thinking back to the lip lacquers and how amazing they were for £3 each. I chose Scarlet Siren, Wild Berry and Pouty Pink; a bright red, a deep winter berry and a Barbie pink. Encased in white packaging to differentiate from the regular lipstick line and containing the signature twist off pot of lipstick at the base of the packaging, these lipsticks were looking to be good. Until I opened them. Now I keep telling myself that they were just £1 but I was so disappointed.

As you can see from the picture above, the colours are just incredible. If they colour pay off was the same, then we have some serious MAC lipstick rivals at a fraction of the price. Here are the swatches…

MUA Matte lipsticks

As you can see, there is hardly any colour payoff. The lipstick looks like a satin finish rather than the matte it is supposed to be and even with two swipes or more, the colour build up is hardly noticable. I have read on Twitter that MUA have been advising to warm them up to remove any wax residue from the lipstick. Well, I’ve tried to warm it up by rubbing it on my arm, lips and so on, yet the colour pay off hasn’t changed and I don’t understand why there would be a wax coating on a lipstick, without prior notification from MUA that to use their lipsticks you need to work out how to remove said wax coating. Again, I have to remind myself that they cost £1.

The following pictures show how the colour applies to my lips as opposed to the colour that is presented in the tube.

MUA Matte Pouty Pink

The pink has almost no colour pay off at all, when the colour in the tube reminds me of MAC Saint Germain which gives me a very bright pale pink pout.

MUA Matte Scarlet Siren

Scarlet Siren is probably the best out of the three, it leaves a slight colour on my lips but it isn’t matte, and its more like a balm whilst on my lips.

MUA Matte Wild Berry

The most disappointing of them all is Wild Berry. I had such high hopes for this gorgeous colour. If it applied like the colour in the tube then we would have a serious contender to replace MACs Rebel. But no, it has almost no colour payoff and feels like a tinted lip balm on my lips.

I have worn all three lipsticks over the course of a few days to try and get a better liking for them and to see how they perform without basing my judgement on their lack of colour. They don’t last very long, about 2 hours at the maximum and drinking a cup of tea practically removes the entire thing. I feel like they leave a layer of waxy substance on my lips, like a lip balm. The colours are really disappointing. If they are supposed to be a tint rather than an opaque colour then they need to be labelled as a tint.

I’ve been reading reviews online and it seems that many beauty bloggers are recommending these and how fab they are, but I’m sorry; I have to disagree and say please save your money, even if it is only £1.

Have you tried MUA Matte Lipsticks? What did you think?

  • Pouty pink is a lovely soft and girly shade – very pretty :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    • Its is! Such a shameit didn’t colour my lips at all xx

  • Allie H

    I usually like the MUA lipsticks, I was going to have a look at these thanks for the heads up xx


    • No problem. I want to try the other ones to see how they are xx

  • So dissapointing! The lipsticks look great and they really look good on your lips, but it’s not the expected outcome. As you say, they only cost £1 🙂

    Jasmine xx

    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

    • I’ll have to stick to what I know!xx

  • Such a shame, they look great in the case. They actually look great on your lips too but just not what they ‘should’ look like!

  • How weird, Wild Berry looks completely different on you as it did on me! It looked a lot deeper and purple on my lips, I quite liked it, especially for £1!

    I didn’t like the peachy one that I bought, as I found the same problem as you that it didn’t really do anything. Great review though! 🙂 xo

  • I bought Wild Berry and I’ve had the same experience as you, so disappointing, however I have read so many good reviews, I think maybe we just got a bad batch. I really wanted to like this!

    • I’ve read good reviews but the swatches all seem to be like mine. I think its the lipstick 😉 xx

  • Aww what a shame, I love a bargain