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2018 has been a strange old year in terms of makeup and skincare products that I have been using. It seems that the days of a full face of makeup has become less of a daily occurrence and more of a bi monthly occasion. I’ve fallen into a routine of a more muted and low maintenance regime and I am really enjoying it. One of the skincare products that I have increased use of is facial mists and I found some absolute gems. With a minimal make up face, I want glowing, healthy and hydrated skin so I’ve picked mists that both increase moisture, give me a little pick me up and to restore balance. And as an added extra, most of them can be chucked in my handbag for a quick spritz throughout the day. 

I have been using MAC Prep + Prime Fix + for longer than I can remember. It seems to have gone full circle with people recommending it as a fixing spray however I have never found that it has been great for fixing, compared to other specific fixing sprays. What I do find it amazing for is to give a boost of hydration prior to makeup application, and it’s absolutely incredible for making cakey makeup look flawless and dewy. I also love it for a quick boost during the day and the coconut scented spray is definitely my fave. I also find it to be really soothing on the skin, and often use this on bare skin and press it in to reap the benefits of the camomile and cucumber. FYI – this is my go to spray for wetting my brush when using pigments and metallic shadows. 

I received the Thalgo Reviving Marine Mist a few years ago whilst doing some work for the Good Spa Guide. It was my very first time that I had tried Thalgo and since then, I’ve tried a lot more from the brand. The Reviving Mist works best as a hydrating toner but I also like to use it as a refreshing mist.  I do usually keep my Thalgo on my bedside table and use it each night before bed as I love the fine mist prior to adding my serum. It’s so lovely and makes it feel like my serum is really sinking into my skin. 

One of my ride or die mists has to be the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I cannot rave about this baby enough. I have so many bottles dotted around the house, in makeup bags and handbags and even at my desk at work. It is hands down the best facial mist ever. Grape, rosemary, orange blossom and organic balm mint awakens skin like a vitamin boosting shot. The mint leaves a fresh tingle and tightens pores whilst toning and boosting skin. Beauty Elixir has been inspired by the Queen of Hungary’s elixir of youth and it certainly does make me feel youthful after a quick spritz. It’s my number one. 

It’s very exciting to see a brand that I have been using since it’s early days to now be available on sites such as QVC and Feel Unique. It does make me feel really proud to know I’ve been there since the beginning. Evolve Beauty are an all natural, organic and cruelty free skincare brand who have created some amazing products. One of their products is the Daily Defence Moisture Mist which is made of a blend of African Moringa peptides and Hyaluronic Acid for an intense boost of hydration. Not only does the Moisture Mist soothe and calm, but it firms and protects whilst protecting the skin from pollution. It’s a really fresh mist that I like to use in the morning before and after makeup. I like that it helps to protect my skin from city centre life and pollution. 

Another mist that protects against the daily pollution and nasties in the air comes from Garnier, and is part of the Skin Active range. I am really enjoying the Garnier range at the moment and the Skin Active Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist is no exception. The main ingredient is pomegranate which is known for it’s high impact antioxidant properties. I love to use this mist over makeup as it is so fine that it doesn’t feel at all wet. It feels so refreshing and leaves a velvety texture on the skin. 

A brand that is quite new to me this year is Delune. A French brand that focuses on skincare with several mists within it’s product range. As I’m such a huge fan of coconut, I chose the Delune Coconut and Rose Water Facial Spritz for it’s radiance boosting properties. I do have to be honest in that I’m not so keen on the scent but I do love to use Delune as a toner in the morning as well as over makeup to keep my skin looking dewy with no flakiness. 

Which facial mists do you like? I would love to add more to my collection!

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