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Microdermabrasion: One Week On

Last Friday I had a Microdermabrasion at Studio 75 in Failsworth. As a microdermabrasion doesn’t give instant results, I have monitored any differences that I have seen in my skin over the last seven days.

Straight after the treatment on Friday, Dermalogica Barrier Repair Cream was applied and I was advised to keep this on until the Saturday morning. Following my usual morning cleansing routine on Saturday, the first thing I noticed was that my skin looked fresher and although I didn’t have particularly clogged up skin, my pores looked less noticeable.

For those regular readers of my blog, you will know how conscious I am of the pores on my nose, especially after I had the skin analysis during the Summer. Now, this is a bit graphic but after I cleansed my face, I lightly applied pressure to my nose using my little finger and my god, I can’t believe how much came out of my nose. So, it seems all I needed was a little treatment to get rid of those blocked pores. Since last Saturday, I haven’t had a single spot on my nose even though I had forced any gunk to the top of the skin. My nose looks less red in colouring and also my pores are teeny tiny! I’m very impressed.

The rest of my face is showing noticeable differences. Fresher, cleaner and tighter with a smoother texture, the microdermabrasion has really taken to work in introducing fresh skin cells. I have had one spot on my cheek, which is not bad at all considering I’ve had all nasties sucked out of the top layer of my skin. I’ve had a tiny bit of irritation at the top of my right cheekbone, however I believe this is down to a cleanser I have been using and since changing it, I have had no further problems.

Anoushkaloves Studio 75 Microdermabrasion

If you need a little boost and freshen up, then you definitely should be trying a Diamond Microdermabrasion. If you are local to the Manchester area, then head to Studio 75 for a great offer price.

Have you tried a microdermabrasion? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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