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Michael Buble By Invitation Peony Noir

After talking about how I was going to start cutting down on my perfume collection, I had gone against everything that I have mentioned by adding a further three fragrances  into the mix. I feel that I can be forgiven for one of these however as I would class it as being part of a collection and completing a set. The original fragrance from Michael Buble has been very well loved and although it was pilfered by my beautiful friend Sarah, the scent of the original now holds precious memories as it reminds me of her. Aww. Then came along Michael Buble By Invitation Rose Gold that played on the fruity floral of By Invitation but with an oriental blend and reminded me of Jimmy Choo Original. I was quite surprised to see a third member of the By Invitation family with the addition of By Invitation Peony Noir, however that surprise has been swiftly replaced with love and adoration. In my eyes, this is the nicest fragrance from the By Invitation family. 

Michael Buble By Invitation Peony Noir

Looking at the flacon design, it does differ from the previous two fragrances with the removal of the metal bracelet that was seated around the fragrance. Personally, this is a good think as I have always been unable to take By Invitation out and about with me for fear or damaging or denting the design. The new style falcon is much more sophisticated and sleeker and whilst it doesn’t have that wow effect of the original, it’s much more user friendly. 

Taking in the first spritz of By Invitation Peony Noir, I was immediately drawn to the woody notes that presented themselves above the sweet floral blend. The floral blend of rose, orange blossom and peony blend beautifully with sandalwood and cedar to create a warming, enticing and romantic scent. I do love a woody base note so this is a winner for me.  When warmed on the skin, the warming vanilla notes develop to give a rich and elegant feel. 

I do think that By Invitation Peony Noir is the most exciting fragrance of the three and whilst I do really enjoy the previous two versions, Peony Noir has hit the nail on the head for me in terms of how it makes me feel and how the scent develops on my skin. I’m enthralled by it’s beauty and it’s going to be a very well worn fragrance over the next few months. 

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