Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

In America, I love to visit stores such as CVS and Target to peruse the aisles that are packed full of drugstore brands that we all know and love. Aside from the prices being oh so cheaper, the USA usually gets new launches way before the UK. I spotted the Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation, a fluid touch foundation on the shelves in Target and deftly added it to my basket.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

First of all, the price for the Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation was just $6.99, which works out as £4.25, a fraction of the price for a Maybelline foundation which average at around £6-£8. Its definitely worth stocking up on your drugstore purchases in the USA. I’ve been wearing the Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation over the last two weeks, and have been reaching for it over others simply due to its lightness and the texture whilst on the skin. It really reminds me of the Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation with its silky smooth finish. I do believe that Maybelline is owned by L’Oreal who also own Armani Beauty, so it could be a nice coincidence, with a nice price point, that the Maybelline does have the same formulation as Maestro.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation has a lovely, lightweight sheer to medium coverage that feels like you aren’t wearing a foundation at all. It makes a welcome change from my Double Wear on the days that I’m not working. The applicator is unusual and I haven’t seen anything quite like it. Designed like a dropper, you are to let the foundation fall from the dropper onto your finger and then apply to your face. I don’t think it works out exactly as designed as I still find myself smearing the foundation either onto my finger on directly on my face! I find it looks dewy and doesn’t cling to any dry patches and feels more like a BB cream than a foundation, yet looks more like a foundation on the skin than a BB cream. Due to its sheerness, I was expecting to be having to pile on the concealer, yet as you can see from the picture below, it does cover up some blemishes and evens out my skin tone and the foundation is buildable too.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

Overall, the Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation has really impressed me. I’ve never been a girl to go for a sheer to medium coverage yet it is working well for me and my skin. I’m hoping it hits the UK shores soon as I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts on it. I believe it is part of the permanent collection in the USA and is made up of 12 skin perfecting shades. I’m wearing Natural Beige.

  • This sounds lovely, it looks really nice on in the picture like I wouldn’t have guessed it was sheer coverage. I like light foundations, I hate feeling clogged so I’ll check this out when it’s released in England.

    On a side note, I definitely reckon it is the same formula as the Armani one- brands do it all the time when they own a few!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    • Its identical to maestro, it has to be the same! It says on the maybelline website medium to full coverage but I don’t think it is at all xx

  • I love the look of this foundation, shame none of the shades match me too well 😛
    Roo xx

    • Hopefully they’l bring out some more colours for you xx

  • Kate

    I’m not usually one for sheer bases either but this does sound interesting, and looks lovely on. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Thanks Kate, its a lovely foundation xx

  • That is a great price and looks great on your skin I like MAJOR coverage too much, but I need to cut back and this looks like a great product, can’t go wrong for under £5 either xxx

    • Thanks Jess, its great for non work days. So much better on my skin, and lighter too xx

  • Sheri

    I love light feeling foundations! This sounds really nice and looks natural but I have a lot of things to cover, so it probably won’t cover enough for me!

    • Its very buildable, I managed to cover some blemishes without concealer 🙂 xx

  • Naomi Ganzu

    The foundation looks good.
    Do visit and add me, will follow you back. 🙂

    • Thanks. I don’t do follow for follow though xx