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The Magic of Serozinc

You bloggers! You’re very naughty. You make me buy things that I shouldn’t really be buying or don’t really need, but on this occassion I want to thank every one of you who has recommended Serozinc.

I’ve been using La Roche Posay products on and off for the last few years and I really do love the skincare that I’ve tried. The micellar solution is a permanent fixture on my dressing table and Effeclar K came in very handy during my time of need.
My skin is quite clear and hydrated, however I am prone to the odd breakout on my nose and cheeks.

When I realised that Serozinc was available in the UK, I purchased a can from a seller on eBay for a great price of £14 including postage. I’ve also found a beautiful online french boutique pharmacy, Le Guide Sante, that sells it for a really cheap price, however postage is around £6 but if you’re stocking up then it works out to be pretty reasonable.


So, Serozinc. What is it you may ask? Apart from being a cult product in the bloggersphere, and not the easiest to get hold of, this wonder product is changing my face for the better. Serozinc is basically made up of three properties; water, sodium and zinc sulfate. The zinc sulfate is an astringent, which attacks bacteria and soothes irritations, so is ideal for problem areas and clearing the sebum your skin produces. Too much sebum creates a perfect ground for spots to form, as people with oily skin will be aware. Serozinc is a toner, so must be used after you’ve cleansed your skin, to cleanse and soothe any imperfections.


As Serozinc is in an aerosol can, it can be sprayed lightly over your face prior to moisturising or applied to a cotton pad and swept over the areas in which you wish to concentrate. I’ve been having a few breakouts lately. I blame the Ben and Jerrys to be honest, but hey ho! Whenever I notice any red or inflamed patches, I use serozinc on the area and by morning it has very rarely developed. I must say, i’m totally dependent on this now, as I know I can catch a spot and stop it in its tracks before I grow a second head. It isn’t drying or tightening on the skin, and I don’t have any discomfort after using it. La Roche is very slowly turning into my wonder brand as in my eyes it can do no wrong!

Have you tried Serozinc? What did you think?

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