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MAC Up The Amp Lipstick

As i’m sure you can imagine, its getting quite difficult to pick lipsticks for my Back to MAC empties. I was struggling so much when I called into Selfridges the other week to pick one and all I wanted was Heavenly Hybrid from the Fantasy of Flowers collection, but as it was new I couldn’t have it in the swap. Grr. So, my logical thinking was to head for the purple lipsticks and pick something that I didn’t have. Hello Up The Amp, welcome to your new home!

MAC Up the Amp

Up The Amp is described as a lavender violet with an amplified finish. It looks very mauve in the tube and in all honesty, doesn’t look like a colour that I would usually go for. In the tube, I really don’t think the colour matches to the impact that it gives when it is worn. I love an amplified finish as I like people to see my lipstick from a mile off, yet I got the impression that it wasn’t going to be vivid or bright when worn. I was wrong. It’s bright and vivid and vibrant enough to wear a sheer slash of colour or build it up to a bright pout. It isn’t a purple like Heroine or Violetta but a totally different colour. On me, I see the cool tones which don’t always look right against my skin however Up The Amp works. Its not for the faint hearted as it isn’t a pale purple at all, and the red-violet tones make the colour really pop.

MAC Up the Amp

I’m a tad obsessed with purple lipsticks at the moment, if you haven’t noticed so Up The Amp is a perfect addition to my addiction. I got around 4 hours of wear from Up The Amp before wearing off, which is average for an Amplified, and the pigmentation of the colour left a lovely berry stain on my lips once it had worn off. Up The Amp is part of the permanent line and is priced at £15 from the MAC UK website.

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