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MAC Pink Pigeon

MAC Pink Pigeon has given me sleepless nights, stressful shopping trips and numerous MAC website stalking as well as various MAC counters around the world. Yes, around the world! I hate it when you can’t get hold of something and it just makes you want it even more. I think that MAC are every so good at doing that. As far as I’m aware, MAC Pink Pigeon first appeared in the Iris Apfel back in 2011, alongside Flamingo and Party Parrot (which are still on my stalk list), then reappeared in 2013 in the Strength Collection. Both times, I missed them and couldn’t get hold of them. Tears shed, things thrown, MAC Pro called and pleaded too and still no joy. Can you imagine my utmost glee when I called in MAC in Casears Palace, Las Vegas last week and saw MAC Pink Pigeon just casually sitting in the stand like it had been part of the permanent collection for years?

MAC Pink Pigeon

The latest collection for MAC in the USA is the MAC Re-Released for Nordstrom. All the shades are going in the permanent line, and I’m not 100% sure if its heading over to the UK shores or not. Two of the lipsticks on the list are Patisserie and Lady Danger which we have in our UK permanent collection already. The colours are:

Flamingo (eeeekkkk)
Lip Blossom
Pink Pigeon
Shy Shine
Sushi Kiss
Sweet & Sour
Tangerine Dream
Kinda Sexy
Lady Danger
Milan Mode

Fingers crossed that we get some of these colours back in the UK. I need Flamingo! Anyway, back to Pink Pigeon.

MAC Pink Pigeon

MAC Pink Pigeon is a bright, clean hot pink in matte finish with a cool, blue based tone. It is fully opaque and although matte, it does have a slight sheen to it. I get around 5 hours of wear from Pink Pigeon before it needed topping up. I didn’t find it drying and whilst wearing it, I did’t feel any tightness or dryness that you usually get from wearing a matte lipstick.

I absolutely adore MAC Pink Pigeon and I cannot tell you how over the moon I am to be the owner of it, especially after waiting patiently for 3 years. All I need now is Party Parrot and my life will be complete.

Which MAC lipstick have you missed but wish you could get hold of?

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