MAC Philip Treacy Collection

Aside from the MAC is Beauty collection which I thought was hitting the UK last Thursday, I haven’t been excited about a MAC collection for a while. MAC bring out approximately 100 promotional or limited edition collections per year which include new additions to permanent lines as well as those ridiculously hyped collections like The Simpsons and Cinderella, both of which I was so disappointed with. I’ve been a huge MAC fan for so long that I don’t really take part in many of the new collections unless a lipstick is being re-promoted. I’m finding that now many of the shades are so similar to existing colours that I’m actually running out of MAC lipsticks to buy. What is my life, I ask you? Anyway, I’m digressing. The MAC Philip Treacy collection was a set that I had my eye on months before it hit the shelves, mainly because No Faux Pas was being re-promoted and the High-Lighter powder is so god damn beautiful.

MAC Philip Treacy Collection

The MAC Philip Treacy High-Light Powder in Nude Pink has the most gorgeous art-deco inspired design with silver spray fans. The silver disappears once the brush has been swirled over the top of the powder and doesn’t leave any silver shimmery bit on the face. I’m slightly confused by this product as it is supposed to be a highlighter but the powder is almost matte and quite one dimensional. I haven’t swatched it for the post as I found it really difficult to capture any sort of high light on my hand or face. That being said, it does have some sheerness to it that catches the light. I can’t say that I am disappointed with the product as I’ve not given it much chance, but I was expecting it to perform better than what I have seen so far.

MAC Philip Treacy Collection

MAC Philip Treacy Collection (2)

MAC Philip Treacy Collection

When I heard that MAC No Faux Pas was being re-released, I was over the moon. It was originally released in the Heirloom Collection at Christmas 2014 but like most shades, it sold out instantly and my local MAC counter was also out of stock. I’m quite glad I didn’t get it then as I dislike limited edition packaging. MAC No Faux Pas is a yellow toned hot pink with a matte finish and it is very much a me colour. It reminds me of Moxie, from a few years ago, which happens to be one of my favourite colours. Longevity is incredible, in fact 7 hours later and I’m still holding on to the pigmentation of this gorgeous colour on my lips. It’s really creamy for a matte and applies really well, staining as it goes. I’m really pleased I’ve managed to get my paws on it.

MAC Philip Treacy Collection

MAC Philip Treacy Collection

MAC Philip Treacy Collection

The second colour that I got was Hollywood Cerise which is magenta berry colour with a satin finish. Hollywood Cerise is a brilliant dupe for Tom Ford Violet Fatale, in fact it is almost the same lipstick. I usually have issues with satin finishes and my dry patches on my lips but surprisingly, the formula of this one seemed to sit on my lips and not cling to the dryness. It doesn’t feel like a different formula, maybe I’ve just been lucky. It lasted around 4 and a half hours on me, with slight staining.

MAC Philip Treacy Collection

MAC Philip Treacy Collection

It’s a bit of shame that the MAC Philip Treacy collection sold out so fast as the lipstick colours are beautiful. I woud suggest trying a MAC stockist to see if it’s instock and at the moment the High-Light powders are showing as available on Selfridges.

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  • Ella

    Those lipstick colours are absolutely gorgeous! Between the 2 I would choose No Faux Pas! So glad these are back 🙂


  • Ting

    Such pretty colours! I love the look of the highlighter though I’d probably never use it. It’s too pretty x

  • Your lip pictures are always so crisp and clear, your blog is one my faves for when I want to see the true colour of lipstick! I love the look of both lipsticks they are gorgeous. The highlighter looks a little odd like almost a powdery finish which is odd as most highlighters normally have a shimmer or radiant look xx

  • Emily Knott

    No Faux Pas looks so much like Girl About Town! So pretty!

  • The Art Deco design of the powder is gorgeous – I’d almost be scared of using it and ruining the pattern haha. I really like the look of Hollywood Cerise too xx

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  • No faux pas is an absolutely stunning shade I am in love, pinks are my favourite at the mo! I never get limited editions but i know as soon as I am working full time I will be dabbling 😉 xx

  • Florinda_82

    OMG! Those lipsticks are amazing! *_*
    Great collection!

  • Mei Bee

    Wow! the MAC Powder is really artistically carved! Well designed! Love it untouched….

  • The lipsticks are gorgeous but I agree with you on the powder…looks kind of disappointing…

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  • Sara Cehennemden

    The lipsticks are really beautiful 😀