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MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow in Gilded Thrill

I just buy stuff. Anything that catches my eye or things that may be a new addition to my stash, or just because I can’t seem to keep money in my purse. This little treasure was picked up randomly whilst in Las Vegas, just as the A Novel Romance collection had launched. It simply was love at first swatch. The MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow in Gilded Thrill is so unusual that MAC calls it the new generation of texture.

 MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow in Gilded Thrill

The formula of the eyeshadow is very unusual. it feels soft and spongy to the touch and almost like a gel yet it transfers to the skin as a highly pigmented powder. The colour Gilded Thrill is a light bronze gold that can be worn as a sheer wash of colour or built up into something pretty spectacular. Its flawless when applied, and blends into a seamless finish. I’ve been using it as a pop of colour on my eyelid when I wear my shadow in what I like to call a spotlight technique. Think darker inner and outer corners and a lighter colour on the lid. I struggled at first to get the maximum impact from the Electric Cool Eyeshadow. I used my MAC 239 brush to apply but I found that fingers worked best for an intense pop of colour and to build the shadow up on the eye, a synthetic brush is ideal. Although the 239 is amazing for packing colour on, I found that the natural bristles pushed the product around rather than packing it in on the area.

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow in Gilded Thrill

Wear time is great. I managed a full long haul flight and still had pretty sparkles upon landing. It also looks amazing when the light hits the shadow. The glittery pigments when they hit the light really are gorgeous. Its a perfect shade for adding that little bit extra for an evening smoky eye, or to wear as a wash of colour in the daytime.

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow in Gilded Thrill (9)

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow in Gilded Thrill (11)

Have you tried the MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow in Gilded Thrill, or in any other shade? They are all still in stock on the MAC website, at £15.50 and I am hoping that they are staying as part of the permanent collection.

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