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Lee Stafford My Big Fat Silky Smoother Brush

Lee Stafford. A creative genius with his 25 years of expertise as well as an incredible collection of hair care products all wrapped up in a delicious hot pink, that catches my eye and makes me want to buy it all. In all seriousness though, Lee Stafford really has got the knowledge behind his brand to enable me to get out of washing my hair for an extra day a week with his Oily Roots, Dry Ends Shampoo and Conditioner, and now he is assisting me in getting that salon blow dry at home with his new range of brushes.

Lee Stafford Big Fat Silky Smoother Brush

Lee Stafford capsule collection of brushes have been designed to bring high performance, style and innovation to at home hair care. As much as we would love to have a salon blow dry several times as week, we all know that it isn’t realistic so we need to be able to style our hair at home. Lee Stafford brush collection is exclusive to Boots and the six pieces have been designed with us ladies in mind, to achieve that high impact, super glossy, gorgeous hair style that we expect from a professional blow dry.

Lee Stafford Big Fat Silky Smoother Brush

I have been using My Big Fat Silky Smoother*, a 39mm round bristle brush with distinctive double layer bristles that help me get poker straight and super sleek hair in minutes. Made from nylon and horse hair, the bristles grip my hair without snagging and make it easy to add volume and even curls to my long hair. The pointed tip of the brush handles helps part my hair easily when sectioning it off and the ceramic barrel retains heat for extra shine.

Lee Stafford Big Fat Silky Smoother Brush

I’ve been using Lee Stafford My Big Fat Silky Smoother Brush every time I have been blow drying my hair and over the last few weeks, I have noticed a huge difference in how my hair reacts to blow drying. It is more manageable and sleeker, with the wispy baby hair that I have falling into place and feeling much smoother. I struggled at first to get a grip on the brush, but like all new brushes it takes a while to get your own handle on them. Now, I use the brush with ease and find that sectioning my hair is so much easier by using the tip of the brush, then flipping it back over to blow sections of hair.

Lee Stafford My Big Fat Silky Smoother Brush is exclusive to Boots and is priced at £9.99. With a blow dry costing £15 a time at my local salon, I think I’ve saved myself a small fortune! If you need extra Oomf in your do, check out the full range of Lee Stafford brushes that include the Lee Stafford My Big Fat Silky Smoother with Extra Oomfness 49mm.

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