Jerome Russell BBlonde Champagne Blonde Toner

I’ve had this little bottle of Jerome Russell BBlonde Champagne Blonde Toner* sat at home for quite a considerable amount of time and I’ve only had chance to use it in the last few days. In the last few months I have taken the step of going from the lightest blonde colour that you can possibly achieve to a more natural beige blonde in the hope of it looking a bit more natural. As with any mega blonde hair, the colour hasn’t stayed as well as I expected so I have been trying to grow out my roots to a decent length so I can try and get a better base colour that matches my natural mousey hair colour. Combined with the incredible hair loss that I’ve been experiencing, I’ve been really worried about putting the toner on my hair just on case it has an adverse effect. How silly of me to think this though as when I finally got round to treating myself to a pamper, I thoroughly enjoyed how my hair looked and felt post toning.

Jerome Russell BBlonde Champagne Blonde Toner

I know in the past that some toners have made my hair dry and brittle, however the Jerome Russell BBlonde Champagne Blonde Toner leaves hair feeling soft and silky and easy to manage. My main concerns of having multicoloured hair were eradicated as soon as I washed off the toner and saw lovely glossy, champagne blush coloured hair. I have used the toner on the bottom half of my hair as my hairdresser is trying to create an ombré effect with my hair colour. I have found that the toner has taken so well to my hair and looks so natural yet so polished. I think it looks really expensive and that it hasn’t been achieved by an at home toning kit, but from a very expensive hairdresser!

Jerome Russell BBlonde Champagne Blonde Toner

Aside from the colour being pretty much perfect for my light blonde hair, it was incredibly easy to do. I first of all washed my hair in my favourite clarifying shampoo, then rinsed. whilst out of the shower, I ran the bath and whilst running, I towel dried my hair and massaged through the Jerome Russell BBlonde Champagne Blonde Toner.The directions said to cover my hair with a plastic hood, but I used cling film instead whilst I applied heat for 5 minutes. for the 30 minute developing time, I got back in the bath and had a lovely chill out and pamper. Rinsing the toner out was quite easy, I didn’t feel like my hair was filled with product and it brushed through relatively easy too.

Jerome Russell BBlonde Champagne Blonde Toner

I’m really kicking myself for being a bit scared of using this toner sooner rather later. Since toning, my hair seems to feel in a great condition and I have lost no more hair than usual when brushing through. It compliments my ombré colours and has relieved my hair of brassiness and that horrible yellow colour that blonde tends to go to. For a 75ml bottle, I only used around a third for my long hair so I can get another two uses out of it without problem.

Jerome Russell BBlonde Champagne Blonde Toner is avaialable at Boots for £4.99.

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  • I’ve used the champagne and the realllly light one and I have been really impressed, definitely a bargain buy too that I will be getting again xxx

    • Yeah, I’m looking forward to my next go!xx

  • I think with blonde hair anything colour related is just so scary, so I can see why you put this off. I’ll definitely have to have a look out for you’ve road tested it!!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • Now you know my hair isn’t falling out haha!!xx

  • Andrew James

    I always wonder if these are as good as they say they are haha i have a thing against do your own hair hahah 😛

    • I do usually but swmetimes you just need to tone!!xx

  • kpsays

    Your hair always looks fab! I can sympathize with you on the hair loss thing. So scary what my shower drain looks like after I wash my hair!!!! Boo!!!!

  • Your hair looks lovely! I love the Ombre effect you have going on. I’ve used products from this line before and been really impressed with them 🙂 Xx

    Kitty |

    • Thanks Kitty, the next stage is getting it a bit darker. Eek xx