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Indeed its Hydraluron!

The last two days i’ve talked about two of my favourite skincare products, La Roche Posays Physiological Micellar Solution and Pixi Glow Tonic. The last part of my skincare lovin’ comes in a little white tube and is most commonly know as ‘The Holy Grail’. Hydraluron by Indeed Labs has been causing such a stir and is well known and a well purchased products amongst bloggers and now my friends.

Hydraluron is a serum designed to increase hydration by feeding hyaluronic acid into the skin. Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water and is commonly found in young skin. By using Hydraluron, you are effectively ensuring your skin holds onto more moisture.


With being a frequent flyer I know that my skin is prone to dehydration and dry patches and I’m also acutely aware of the texture and suppleness of my skin the following days after flying. I use a tiny bit of Hydraluron after cleansing and toning my face but prior to moisturiser in the morning and occasionally in the evening. A 5p sized blob is all that is needed to cover my face, and sometimes if it goes a bit tacky, I know I have used too much. Sometimes when I apply it, it feel a bit strange on my skin and I get a tightening feeling however this very rarely occurs.

Since using Hydraluron, my skin feels a lot more supple and I don’t need to moisturise as much as what I used too. The dry patches that I used to get on my cheeks have totally disappeared and I’m hoping they stay away. I find that my moisturiser sinks in better, and its almost like my skin drinks it up. I can certainly tell the days that I haven’t used it. The smoothness of my skin is also something to be written about, its like a babys bum!


If you, like myself, are a flyer or work in dry, air conditioned environments, then I can’t commend this product enough. For plumped up, hydrated skin I think Hydraluron definitely gives me more than I was expecting.

Hydraluron is available at Boots for £24.99

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