Ideal World’s 17th Birthday! #ad

Shopping from the comfort of your own home has become quite the thing over the last decade or two. I remember ringing up a TV channel to order a must have make up product and was amazed at how you didn’t even need to put a bra on to go shopping. Ideal World has reached it’s 17th birthday, which not only frightens me to death that online and TV shopping has been happening for so long, but it also makes me really happy to know I’ve supported the channel for so long. In fact, it was my Nanna who introduced me to Ideal World with our shared love of crafting. Since then, I’ve discovered that the beauty ranges that are available from Ideal World are sneaking into my beauty routines more frequently and I’m getting really into a particular brand, Skinn.

From Skinn, their Collagenesis range has had me intrigued since I spotted it on the Ideal World beauty page. A four part set that has some scientifically named products that I am hoping turn me from a 34 old maid to a more youthful looking model. The set comprises of some extremely pretty looking pots and tubes in pastel colours that all contain natural ingredients as well as the most advanced technology. A pot of the Twenty-Four Hour Youth Preservations Cream, an Eye Stem Rejen Elite Serum, the Lip Stem Rejen Elite Concentrate and the Stem Rejen Elite Age Delay Serum will be being used over the next few weeks to see if they can bring my dull and disheartened skin back to how it should be.

Ideal World's 17th Birthday! #ad

As it is Ideal World’s 17th Birthday, I want you to join me on Twitter this evening from 7:30pm to 8:30pm for a good old chat with some fabulous beauty bloggers about birthdays and parties. Search #JoinTheIdealParty to join in. After the success of the last Ideal World Twitter chat, we need to make this one even bigger and better especially as it’s their birthday. Hope to see you there!

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  • Bra free shopping is my kind of shopping! Happy Birthday Ideal World!

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland

  • I’ll be getting the kettle on, cake in and getting cosy in my big PJs by 7.25pm.
    Can’t wait!
    Thanks for the heads up x

    Gillian  xx

  • Do you remember when the shopping channels used to sell Nokia 3310 contracts and you would get a deck chair for your phone to charge in? Haha used to spend hours watching shopping channels!

    Love the look of this skincare collection too! x