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Hugo Boss – Hugo Man & Hugo Woman Fragrance

Do you know when you smell a scent that instantly transports you back to 1999 when all the fit boys at school used to act all grown up by wearing aftershaves? Well, instant flashbacks as soon as I smelt the classic aftershave and fresh fragrance by Hugo Boss. Thanks to Fragrance Direct, I have had a lovely time going back to my youth by just one sniff of these fresh fragrances and the reminiscing of the late 90s has been quite enjoyable. So, rather than just ramble on about perfume, lets take a trip down memory lane and head back to the 1990s with Hugo Boss.

Hugo Boss - Hugo Man & Hugo Woman Fragrance

1995 was my first year of high school, so I was a little dot at 12 years old. School was filled with talking about Take That and being devastated when Robbie left. Planning outfits to wear at the school disco. Boys were starting to appear on our radar and we all fancied Tom in the year above. Hollyoaks had just started on TV, so conversation centered around Kurt Benson and Jambo. We bought Smash Hits, Bliss and Sugar magazine and giggled over relationship advice in Just 17, Mizz and More. We raced home from school to watch California Dreams, Clarissa Explains It All and Sister Sister. Homework was done as fast as possible so I could battle my sister on Mega Drive games where we competed to complete Sonic The Hedgehog. 1995 was also the year that Hugo Boss launched Hugo Man, a classic aftershave that is fresh spicy, aromatic and green. Top notes of lavender, green apple, mint, grapefruit and basil; middle notes of carnation, sage, geranium and jasmine and base notes of patchouli, fir and cedar combine to make this a fresh sexy scent. A unique, attractive fragrance and one that when I have questioned my friends about it, they have all said just how many memories it evokes and how it is a modern classic.

Hugo Boss - Hugo Man & Hugo Woman Fragrance

Fast forward two years to 1997 and 14 year old Anoushka was really finding her feet in the world. Weekends were spent at friends having sleepovers, drinking hot chocolate and talking about boys, boys, boys. We shopped in Miss Selfridge, Morgan and Kookai and decorated our hair with mini butterfly clips. School trips were eventful and memorable, forging firm friendships with the girls who are still my closest friends today. Spending all night on the phone when you had seen the girls all day and would be seeing them tomorrow. Wonderbras and rolled up skirts were our dress code and Caterpillar messenger bags were the only bags to be seen with. Choosing our Options for GCSEs and trying to work out which friends would be in our Drama class. Lunchtimes spent indoors as we were in the drama club, quoting Clueless like we were Cher Horowitz. A new episode of Friends was on every Friday night and we waited ages for Ross to kiss Rachel. Groovy Chick and Purple Ronnie were the foundations of our youth and we drew the characters to depict our friends. We loved gel pens and watched Titanic at least 8 times in the cinema.

1997 also saw the launch of Hugo for Women by Hugo Boss. An Eau de Toilette that was fresh and sweet and I remember it had the tagline ‘Don’t Imitate, Innovate’. I had a bottle of this one Christmas and I wore it every day for school. It’s fresh and fruity with a hint of spiciness and it’s a clean, inoffensive daytime perfume. I think it’s quite iconic of its era as it was such a popular scent.

Hugo Boss - Hugo Man & Hugo Woman Fragrance

This year Hugo Boss have re-released Hugo Woman in a new Eau de Parfum concentration. Of course an Eau de Parfum is a far better concentration as it helps with the longevity and wear time. Hints of 1997 come flooding back to me with the new updated version, it is almost the same as its earlier counterpart. It’s quite a boyish fragrance with its spiciness mixed with an light fruity floral. Top notes of apple, cyclamen, melon, papaya, peach and Aglaia Odorata are so fresh combined with sweet and warm heart notes of jasmine, lily and orris. Base notes of sandalwood, amber, vanilla, cedar and resin give it the spicy punch that makes it really unique and memorable.

I hope you’ve liked this trip down memory lane, especially if you’re around my age! Thanks to Fragrance Direct for evoking all those memories!

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