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How To with ASOS HAX

Makeup is my happy place. A creative outlet where I can make art on my face by using different techniques, colours and styles. With the rise of the Instagram makeup face, it seems that the trusty cut crease has become a daily make up look. For some, a cut crease is pretty technical. It requires precision, skill and the ability to blend to achieve a perfect crease and a cut out lid. Imagine if it was made so easy that you could do a quick cut crease in minutes? It’s a dream idea that has been brought to reality by HAX. HAX is exclusive to ASOS, and is made up of five sets that nail the Instagram trends in minutes. With three lip sets and two eye sets, the most wanted makeup looks are covered. I’ve been trying out the HAX Glitter Cut Crease set which has given some surprising results.

How To with ASOS HAX

How To with ASOS HAX

The HAX Glitter Cut Crease kit contains all you need to be able to create an Insta worthy makeup look in minutes, and after trying it out, I can say that is literally all it takes. Within the box, a loose glitter pigment and pressed shadow, a black liquid liner, a dual ended brush, a silicon tipped brush and a rubber stencil that reminds me of a guitar plectrum. The premise is simple – use the rubber stencil to help carve out the crease and as a guide for the liner.

Before I started to do my glitter cut crease, I primed my eyes using the Urban Decay Primer potion in Eden. Taking the pressed powder on the flat end of the brush and drew out the crease. The eyeshadow was really easy to work with, however the technique was out of my comfort zone to work around the guide. After using the flat end to apply the powder, it says to buff out to create a gradient effect which was very easy to do. After removing the stencil, it became apparent that I had made a pretty decent shadow that looked just like a cut crease, and it took less than 5 minutes.

Moving onto the glitter, I used the silicon tipped brush to apply the loose glitter pigment. I must admit that this is where I started to get a little frustrated. The silicon tipped brush is a genius product but it just didn’t work with the pigment. I couldn’t get a smooth application or line and ended up using a smaller brush of my own to fill in the cut out lid.

For someone who wears a winged liner frequently, I cannot tell you the last time I used a standard black liquid liner. Having been a convert for the trusty felt tip liner, I actually struggled to line my eyes. Thankfully, the cut crease guide has a perfectly shaped side for assisting in getting an incredible wing. I still struggled a little though, not going to lie.

How To with ASOS HAX

How To with ASOS HAX

How To with ASOS HAX

Illamasqua Visage lashes

For a beginner, the HAX set is a brilliant introduction into creating those looks that you may not have thought that you would be able to do. An eye look takes minutes, and you are given all of the tools that you need. The colours are pretty and complimentary, whilst the technique is easy to pick up of working around a guide piece. For me, as someone who loves a cut crease and doesn’t find the technique too difficult, I think the overall look isn’t as polished as something that I could do myself. That being said, it has shown that it can only take minutes as opposed to the lengthy amount of time I spend when doing my makeup.

Ps – the lashes are Illamasqua Visage and they are bomb.

If you are looking for a helping hand to guide you into the world of Insta worthy makeup, then the HAX sets are definitely one to take a look at. You can get these exclusively at ASOS from £14.99.


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