Haircare: VO5 Hot Oils

Ok, put your hands up if you think VO5 Hot Oils are the most retro thing that you’ve heard today, and that you didn’t even think that they still made them. I have fond memories of my Mommy using them when I was a child, and I was so intrigued by these little tubes of oil. Never did I think that I would be using them in 2014 and finding out that the reason why they have lasted so long in the world of hair care products, is because they are so brilliant.

VO5 Hot Oils

I had been moaning on Twitter that my hair felt horrible and dry, and was breaking off in places. I want a cheap, quick fix that I could maintain over the next few weeks and hopefully see some improvement. I also wanted something a bit more intensive than a hair masque and something that I could buy that day. Out of all the suggestions I received, apart from using Argan oil, which I do anyway, hot oils kept being mentioned. I went to Boots, armed with my advantage card points to hunt down hot oils.

VO5 Hot Oils

Naturally, when we arrived I went straight over to the salon brands and the most expensive in Boots to find what I was looking for. Low stock and no stock in my favourite brands, it wasn’t until my Mommy spied the VO5 hot oils that I was sold. And they cost like £4. For four. Amazing.

VO5 Hot Oils

SO easy to use, simply heat up in a cup of hot water or drop the unopened tube into your bath to warm up the oil. Once warm, massage into wet hair and leave for a minute prior to shampooing. Rinse, shampoo and condition then blow dry your hair into a sleek, glossy style. My hair felt incredible afterwards. Smooth, any split ends were sealed into the hair shaft and the tiny bit of breakage on the top of my head had settled down too. I have been using a VO5 Hot Oil every Sunday to help improve the condition of my hair and in just four weeks, I have seen a huge difference in its texture and sleekness. I’m so happy!

Have you tried VO5 Hot Oils? They are available at Boots priced £4.29

  • Yep – about as retro as cheese fondue, but they are both yummy! :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  • melissa

    i used to use these all the time , my nana kept getting me them ! lol
    been a while since i used them might just give them a go again 🙂

    The Inked Blonde-Melissa

  • Definitely need to try some of these for myself! My hair is constantly frazzled haha x

  • I was looking at these resently as I used to have them as a kid too, definatly going to give them a go

  • I haven’t used hot oils is years, but these used to save my hair extensions from completely dying out on me! Think I need to repurchase them again!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • I use to love these 🙂 I’ve been using Babyface Keratin treatment recently and it’s so good, I recently fried my fringe on fake GHDs and it’s almost completely brought it back to life! It’s pure protein so you mix it with conditioner, leave it on for half an hour and wash off. It’s expensive (£20 for a tiny bottle) but you use it like every other week, and it has honestly helped so defs look into it!