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Why Is My Hair So Thin?!

It’s quite funny how people perceive others. Having a conversation with a friend, we were talking about how people see you and your life, especially when it’s shared on social media. The thing with social however is that no one really knows you, unless they’re close friends of course, and whilst I don’t give away every aspect of my life, I have always been quite open about the things that aren’t very Instagrammable; such as my thinning hair and how I have been dealing with it. Whenever I mention how thin my hair is, you’d be so surprised as to how many people will tell me that me I haven’t got fine hair, and that I must be joking around. Isn’t social media deceptive.

Starting with a quick recap and looking back at when I first started noticing my hair was thinning and falling out takes me back to around 2013. Dealing with a hidden illness that didn’t get picked up until the February of 2014, it came to my attention that I had what is classed as a chronic illness that is pernicious anaemia. In a nutshell, it’s an auto immune condition that creates difficulty in absorbing B12. Having a quarterly injection for the rest of my life helps give my body the boost it needs in functioning, as I suffer badly from the effects of a B12 defiency – chronic fatigue and weakness, muscle weakness and nerve issues like tingling fingers and legs, mental health problems in particular depression, anxiety and behavioural issues and more noticeable signs such as ridges in my nails and hair loss.

Why Is My Hair So Thin! Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser Hair Masques

Why Is My Hair So Thin! Paul Mitchell Scalp Care Anti Thinning haircare

When my hair first started falling out, I thought it was part of the natural cycle where my skin, nails and hair all go through a bit of shedding and breakage, but the hair was falling out from the root. It’s quite traumatising as a woman to lose hair and I seriously did think that something was wrong. I was constantly checking for bald patches and how much hair I was losing. Thankfully, it all tied back to the lack of B12 in my system. As my hair was coming out in droves, the way I’ve looked after it since has really helped. Taking my colour from an over-processed white blonde, I went to a rich auburn brown to allow my hair to get some respite before cutting it all off to make sure there was no trace of processed hair left. Gradually, over the last few months I’ve added some more highlights to my hair, keeping an eye on my hairs overall condition.

I’ve been using a new shampoo and conditioner by Paul Mitchell and over the last few months I’ve seen a change in how fine my roots are. Although my hair does look thick and full, it’s surprising what a volumising mist and a good blow dry can do to create an illusion of full hair. The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Thinning Hair range* isn’t just for thinning hair, but also for a clean scalp. It’s a great detoxifying shampoo to rid of any build up from a week of dry shampoo, which I use to give my hair volume more than to freshen it up. The tea tree soothes my head and it feels like it has been stimulating the root and although it’s probably not visible to others, my hair feels fuller and thicker from the root. As well as root care, I’ve also noticed that I’ve had less breakage when brushing but I am still losing hair when it comes to hair washing, although it is a lot less than before.

When I head off on holiday to Las Vegas, I find that the water plays havoc with my hair and gives me a frizzy texture that I do not want. It’s strange because in the high temperatures and low humidity of Vegas, my hair actually stays straight. To combat frizz and to keep from using heated appliances on my hair, Aveda have come up trumps with their Sun Care range. The Aveda After Sun Hair Masque* has been a frequently used product of mine whilst away, and the hair masque injects a whole load of moisture into my sun parched hair. Tamanu oil, coconut oil, green tea, sunflower oil and Vitamin E deeply condition and protect my hair from future sun exposure. The Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser* is also a genius product. Not only does it save space in your luggage as it combines both a shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, it really does help in keeping clean. It’s perfect for stripping left over sun cream, chlorine and sea salt without causing damage and it has a beautiful aromatherapy – tropical scent.

Keeping my hair protected and using the right products is really high up on my list of priorities and I will consistently strive to get my hair back to how it was before. At one point I had even looked at The Harley Street Hair Clinic in London at the FUE Hair Transplant cost as I was that worried. Thankfully, with a bit of TLC and some serious changes in how I look after my hair, I’m hoping that my hair will be fuller and thicker before the end of the year.

Do you have any problems with fine and thinning hair? Let me know your top tips to keeping it in good condition.

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