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Grahams Bath Oil with Manuka Oil

I was a bit silly last week whilst in Cancun. Although I had covered myself in SPF, I kind of forgot to reapply later in the afternoon. You know when the sun starts going down and the Coronas start coming out? Well this laid back attitude led to me catching the sun a little too much. We’ve all been there, but I will stress that sun cream is so important even when you think the sun is at its lowest. Getting back to my room late that afternoon, post shower showed just how much I had caught it and how dry and itchy it would be going in the next few days. Luckily, I had some Grahams Bath Oil* with me.

Grahams Bath Oil

Grahams Bath Oil is an Australian brand that is new to the UK, with a website that hosts a variety of natural skincare products designed for those who suffer with eczema and psoriasis. I don’t suffer from these ailments, however I do get quite dry skin from sunbathing and those odd occasions when I get a bit sunburnt. Grahams formulas are mild enough for even the most sensitive skin and the whole family. Born from a father’s desire to help his son who suffered from debilitating eczema, natural ingredients and plant oils such as manuka honey, emu oil and colloidal oatmeal help to nourish and protect the skin.

Grahams Bath Oil

I poured two capfuls in my bath and found that it turned the water into a luxurious treat. Deliciously luxurious and worked wonders on my parched skin, it assisted in the natural peeling of the dried out skin to allow the new skin underneath to come through. I also used Grahams Bath Oil as a post bath treat and massaged the oil into problem areas to help with the itching and peeling. In the last few weeks, I have been reaching for Grahams Bath Oil for my bath after work and when I’ve been out in the sun. I’m not sure if it is psychological but when I’ve had a long day at work, it makes me feel so relaxed like its working on my poor tense muscles too. Its quite nice to have a bath without bubbles and all the fancy petals and bath ballistics like most of us are used to these days, whilst still being encapsulated in a luxurious pool of silky water. Did it work? Yes. My itchy dry skin was definitely a lot better after a few baths and massage treatments with Grahams Bath Oil.

Grahams Bath Oil with Manuka Oil is £17.50 for 120ml, and is also available from

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