Glamorously Groomed Matching Lips and Nails

To me, there is nothing more glamorous and sophisticated than having a matching lip and nail combo. I think it makes the person look so well put together and polished. As an air hostess, it has been drilled into me, as part of my uniform guidelines, that lips must always match nails in a shade that compliments the uniform. Although this post isn’t an Air Hostesses Guide, it has definitely been inspired by the colours I have been wearing for work lately. Here’s my choices to have Glamorously Groomed Matching Lips and Nails.

Glamorously Groomed  Matching Lips and Nails

First up is an absolute classic by Revlon, and a colour that I think is so special. Back in the 1940’s, when Revlon launched their Lips and Tips campaign, they became the first brand to have matching nail and lip colours. In 1953 Cherries In The Snow launched and this colour, to this day, is still one of Revlon’s biggest sellers. A total classic and a definite must buy, the blue toned, hot fuchsia with red undertones that is Cherries In The Snow is just beautiful. Both nail and lip colours are fully opaque in one coat and both have great lasting power.

Glamorously Groomed  Matching Lips and Nails

MAC Girl About Town is a firm favourite from my lipstick collection. Introduced to this shade by Cheryl Cole (not personally of course), it has been a very well loved and repurchased shade as it is perfect for work. A bright blue fuchsia in an Amplified finish, it is long lasting and non drying. Although it packs a punch in colour, it isn’t too over the top and can be muted down with a pat of lip balm. The nail varnish also looks pretty good with a matte top coat.

Glamorously Groomed  Matching Lips and Nails

Finally, the newest pair into the mix are the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty in Evelyn. I will be doing a full post with swatches on these as I simply cannot rave about them enough. The most stunning pink toned creamy coral that lasts so long on my lips that I don’t have to reapply during the day. Non drying, non moving gorgeousness in the most irresistible packaging. See what I mean? I love!

Glamorously Groomed  Matching Lips and Nails

Keep an eye out for my full reviews and swatches of these perfect pairs. I’d love to know your favourite matching shades.

  • Ooh I love the MAC combo! I’ve never tried their nail polishes but that colour looks great! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

    • Oh you should! They have lots of nail varnishes to match the lippies, like Impassioned xx

  • I love matching my lipstick to my nail polish, I do it most days!
    The Joan Collins combination is lovely, really need to try her make up collection!

    Melissa x

    • There’s so much in her makeup range that I need!xx

  • How did I not know about these Joan Collins lovelies!

    • They’re new! But now you know, so you can get buying!xx

  • You must look perfectly polished all the time, I need to start matching my nails && lips to be honest!! I really want to try the Joan collins beauty products xxx

    • I try but I don’t all the time! Ha xx

  • In love with all 3 combos, they are all gorgeous!
    xprincessjas | x

  • I think I will have to try match my lips and nails – the Revlon one looks up my street 🙂 xx

    • It lasts ages as well, both lip colour and nail varnish xx

  • Ahh I just want to dive into this collection, I think every combo is just lovely. But I do love a bit of MAC!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • You can’t go wrong with MAC!xx

  • I cannot agree more, matching nail polish and lipstick are a must. I love all the pink colours. Revlon is my favourite and go to nail polish. I would like to know how you apply the lipstick as when I apply it I get it all over my lips and in such a mess (I apply it straight from the tube – is it even called that?). I look like a clown. Am I applying too much or should I apply lipstick with a brush. I have really pale skin, should I stay away from bold reds and bright pinks?


    • I apply my lipstick directly from the tube too, I use the angled side to create a cupids bow and then fill in the rest. Try dabbing it on and build it up maybe? I rarely use brushes but when I do I get a more defined look. I always wear bright colours so I wouldn’t ever avoid them haha xx