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Game of Thrones Skincare? Rodial Dragon’s Blood

Do you know when you write a title of a post, and think ‘oh balls, I’ve never watched GoT in my life, so I’m not even sure they have real life dragons in it’? That’s just what happened there. Thank god for Google. Anyway, silliness aside and let’s get down to business. Rodial. One of my all time, most loved brands and just when I thought that I wouldn’t find anything as awesome as the Rodial Stem Cell range, which I have been using for years, Dragon’s Blood comes along and blows Stem Cell out of the water. God bless you Rodial, and all your dragons.

Rodial Dragon's Blood

First of all, I want to say that if you are new to Rodial, then the Stem Cell range is the product range that is the most reasonable in price point. It’s very soft and gentle, and makes a great, basic skincare routine. If you have got to that age where you need a little bit more help than a gentle skincare routine, Rodial Dragon’s Blood is the next step. For my skin where I am showing some signs of ageing and dehydration, I wouldn’t even consider using Glamoxy Snake or Bee Venom just yet. I’m a very firm believer that products that are quite intense, do not need to be used until you are just about ready to use them. You’ll know when you know.

So, just what is Dragon’s Blood? We all know that there is no such thing as dragons (or is there?), but there is a tree called Croton Lechleri, known as Sangre de Drago – Dragon’s blood! Used in the Amazon, the red latex from the tree is a natural ‘liquid bandage’ used by the native people as a medicinal aid. This liquid bandage provides a film over the skin to reduce inflammation and redness, which makes it perfect for stressed skin. Combined with Pomegranate extract to firm and tone the skin, Collageneerto enhance the synthesis of collagen and Commiphora Extract to reduce fine line and promote younger looking skin, the Rodial Dragon’s Blood formulation is a little bit nifty.

Rodial Dragon's Blood

Rodial Dragon's Blood

The best seller from the collection is the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel, and I personally understand why it has such a great reputation. I use it of an evening, although the gel formula is light enough to be used on a morning without causing makeup to slide of my face. I actually prefer to use this at night after a day in the office. Air conditioning dries my skin out terribly and it does feel stressed after battling through the pollution and traffic of the City Centre. After talking my makeup off, my skin sometimes looks red and angry but two pumps of Dragon’s Blood really helps with soothing it back to it’s natural state. I also love the pump action jar that dispenses just the right amount for my face.

For a masking addict like myself, I have to use something that hydrates my skin as I suffer for terrible dehydration across my jawline, cheeks and forehead. As I don’t have dry skin, I struggle with finding creams and masks that aren’t too rich and heavy so the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask is ideal. Not only does it have hyaluronic acid in the formula which I swear by, but I can leave this on my face overnight for a more intensive boost of hydration. With hydrated skin, fine lines look a lot more plumped out and my skin looks healthier and fresher. If I don’t leave it on overnight, I use a thin layer to mask for around 15 minutes before rinsing off and following with the Sculpting Gel.

I have been so enamored with Rodial in the past, and going forward I am finding more and more products that are winning me over. As a newbie to the Dragon’s Blood range, I am really looking forward to trying some more. The Lip Masks look incredibly interesting to me right now, as I am starting to get chapped lips as the weather changes, and sometimes lip balm won’t do!

Have you tried any of the Rodial Dragon’s Blood range?

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