Gallinée Foaming Facial Cleanser

I’m not quite sure what is going on with my skin at the moment. One minute it is totally fine and feeling soft and smooth and now, it’s turned into a dried out mess with lumps and bumps under the skin. Due to an intolerance, I’ve had to cut out dairy and over the six months that I’ve been dairy free, my skin has never been in such good condition with regards to blemishes. I’ve decided to switch up my skincare and try a different cleanser after my trusty Liz Earle has ran out. I’ve introduced the Gallinée Foaming Facial Cleanser into my routine, and thankfully, I’ve started seeing a difference again.

Gallinée Foaming Facial Cleanser

Gallinée Foaming Facial Cleanser

Gallinée Foaming Facial Cleanser

Going from a cream cleanser to a foaming cleanser definitely takes some getting used to, especially as application is so much different. Whereas I was used to putting a pump or two directly on my face and massaging it in, before using a muslin cloth to remove, I now have to pump a liquid into my hands. The liquid then turns into a milky foam on contact with water, which is then applied onto the skin before being rinsed off. I still like to use a muslin cloth to mildly exfoliate when cleansing and to ensure all residue has disappeared. I know that there has been negativity surrounding foaming cleansers due to the the addition of sodium laurel sulphates, or SLS, which can be an irritant to some. My view on this is that everybody is different and what works for some may not work for others and vice versa; The good news is that Gallinée contains no SLS, parabens, mineral oil and other nasties that can irritate the skin.

The main ingredient within the Gallinée Foaming Facial Cleanser is lactic acid, an AHA which helps soften and resurface the skins texture. I am a huge believer in AHAs and BHAs to help sort out skin, so the gentle nature of lactic acid has been hitting the spot in regards to changing my skins tone. Good news as well, lactic acid will have no reaction with anyone who is lactose intolerant.

In the last few weeks, my skin is looking fresher with a healthier complexion as well as feeling soft and really clean. Sometimes it just takes a skincare shuffle to get back on track and Gallinée Foaming Facial Cleanser has done just that.

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  • Kate

    Never heard of this! It sounds good though. I had my doubts at the word “foaming” – foaming cleansers seem to get a lot of negative press these days! – but this does sound as though my skin might like it! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • My skin is the same – it’s proper acting up at the moment, especially around the chin area where it can look red/bumpy like ‘m having an allergic reaction (even though I’m not) 🙁

    I’ve stopped using my usual cleanser and have been experimenting with others, maybe I need to add this one to the list to try! xxx