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Five Beauty Treatments I Wish I Could Do….But Can’t!

After speaking about my back injury, and all the lovely comments and support I’ve had from you all, it got me thinking as to how I could get some of my independence back. As a huge beauty lover, it’s been quite tough for me over recent weeks as I’ve not been able to do the simple tasks that usually make me feel a million dollars. Although I am still very much surrounded by beauty, there are certain things that I just simply cannot do. Thinking of the beauty trends for 2017, I’ve been thinking of the must have beauty treatments that I wish I could do, but can’t (well, just right now because I am determined!)

Beauty Treatments

Shaving my legs

Usually, I do get my legs waxed but as I was using an IPL, the hair growth is really sporadic. Too sporadic to be able to book for a wax because literally some hair has grown, and some hasn’t. The easiest and cheapest way to keep smooth is to shave my legs, but I can’t bend enough to reach my full leg and if I try and do them in the bath, I can’t hold my leg up long enough to get a nice clean shave. What has life come to!

Using my IPL

The same situation as above, I want to be able to zap all the hairs away but I can’t reach enough to do it. Can you see a common theme here? The quicker I get my back working properly so I become more flexible, the better. It’s the one thing that is stressing me out the most.

Painting my toes

You’d think that if I was struggling to reach my feet to paint my toe nails, that I would just succumb to popping into a salon and getting someone to do it for me. Problem is, I cannot bear people touching me, let alone touching my feet. It gives me the heeby jeebies just thinking about it. So, I’m currently rocking what could only be described as Hobbit feet, which will look amazing by the time it’s sandal season. Thankfully, it’s April and trying to snow so the trotters are encased in furry boots. I’ve never been so grateful for bad weather in Spring!

False Tanning

This is the beauty treatment that I am missing the most. As a seasoned false tanner, I absolutely love slapping on he gradual tan and giving myself a faux glow. It was a weekly ritual, and although I have an olive skintone, I am surprisingly translucent when I don’t have a tan. The problem is, without shaving my legs, I can’t exfoliate and I can’t do a tan without exfoliating and did I mention that I can’t bend over properly? I could do with investing in a spray tanning kit from Ellisons for when I’m back on my feet. I want my tan back!

Hair Styling

I’ve been working so hard on trying to reduce the amount of heat related products that I put on my hair. The main heat product that I really limited was my hair straightners and I was only using them to pop a few curls through my hair to get an extra day without washing. I’m so lazy aren’t I! Since doing my back in, I’ve really had a hard time with blow drying the left side of my hair. I can’t hold my brush up properly and curling the ends of my hair under is a no go. The straightners have been out in full force and I’ve been using them to give me a curly blow. All my good intentions ruined by a slipped disc!

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