Blogmas Day 4: Festive Fake Tanning

I’ve been ever so patient, waiting to share these fab fake tanning products with you. Over the Summer I have maintained a pretty deep tan so it has rendered fake tan a bit useless in my house. I have been topping up the glow with a holiday skin type moisturisers however nothing compares to the having that deep golden glow from a properly applied fake tan. December is party season and although I generally wear most outfits with black opaque tights, there are a few dresses that call for bare, tanned legs. Here’s my top picks for festive fake tanning.

Anoushka Loves Festive Fake Tanning

 Anoushka Loves Festive Fake Tanning

First up is a relatively new brand that was introduced to me in the Summer. Madame LaLa Self Tan in light, £36 is for an iconic LA glow that hydrates and moisturises. I have tried it a handful of times although I didn’t get good enough results as my natural skin colour was too dark for a light tan. I was actually loving the colour of the tan whilst it was developing more than the finished colour. Now my tan has all but gone, I gave it another go. Around 10 days ago, I applied it and I can still see the golden glow from the Madame LaLa tan. It gives a subtle tan, one that looks like you’ve been catching the sun by roller blading down Venice Beach. Definitely perfect for fair people, but the light may be too light for more deeper skinned ladies. Oh, and it smells amazing!

 Anoushka Loves Festive Fake Tanning

The NKD Skin gradual tanner is from the brains at Vita Liberata, which is a brand that I have been using for a good two years now. I love the gentleness of the product, and how light and airy it is. It doesn’t feel like you are wearing fake tanning products, the colour develops beautifully without streaks and it smells delicious. The original Vita Liberata products are a tad pricey, hitting the £40 mark but the NKD Skin falls into the £15 price bracket so it is a lot more affordable, with the same high quality. NKD Skin gives a great colour, and is available in medium and dark.

 Anoushka Loves Festive Fake Tanning

Last but by no means least is an offering from Cocoa Brown. I’ve never seen a brand of fake tan have such an enormous following in such a short space of time. I have literally used about 10 bottles of the 1hr tan, and I have also been slathering the Gentle Bronze* all over me. Gentle Bronze is perfect for daily tanning where you build up the colour from a light tint to a gorgeous bronze colour. The price is also brilliant, just £5.99 for a big tube. I like to pop this on like my normal moisturiser before bed, and wake up looking glowing and gorgeous.

  • I really need to try the Cocoa Brown tan, heard so many good things. I’m not the best with fake tanning but I really wanna practise lol xx

    Kate | kateemmaloves.

    • It’s so easy to do, especially with these brands as you can see where you are putting it. Defo invest in a mitt!xx

  • Zoe

    Great post! My fave tanner has to be then Xen Tan absolute luxe one .. I’ve tried so many bad ones they scare me! I’ve heard the Madame LaLa one is great xx