Effortless Extensions – Golden Blonde, Natural style.

At the beginning of July, I took the plunge and swapped my white blonde locks for a more subtle, natural darker blonde ombré style. After having three different colours worked through my hair to tone the icy white highlights and lightest blonde base colour into a more beige blonde with vanilla highlights and golden lowlights, I was over the moon. The only downside? I needed new hair extensions! I don’t wear hair extensions all the time but when I go out, I like to add extra volume to my long hair for a fuller, luxurious look. Effortless Extensions* are the perfect solution for a quick and easy addition to your hairstyle.

Effortless Extensions

Effortless Extensions are made from synthetic hair that feels just like real hair. They can be styled with heat and washed and blow dried like your own hair without causing damage to the piece. Using a monofilament that is easily slipped over your own hair, there is no need for clips, glue or bonds. The 16″ hair piece is only an inch or two longer than my own hair so it absolutely perfect for giving that extra volume. I have the natural style which has a slight wave to it as I never wear my hair poker straight. I matched the colour to the underneath of my hair by using the colour chart on the website. As my hair has an ombré look to it, I chose the colour that I had more of, in this case Golden Blonde.

Effortless Extensions

It is so easy to wear the extensions. I simply place the monofilament on the top of my head about a centimetre away from my hairline and sit the extension piece, like a halo, behind my ears. The monofilament adjusts to the size of your head for a custom fit without having to mess with sizes. Using a comb, I pull out all of the hair from where the extension piece sits on my head. In my case it is about half of my hair, leaving half of my hair underneath, like a hair extension sandwich. My hair is quite fine so if you have thicker hair, I would use less hair on the top and leave more underneath for a more blended feel.

Effortless Extensions

Once the extension is in place, it is undetectable. Not only can you not feel it, you can’t tell that you have extensions in. They are really natural looking. My neighbour saw the extensions when they first got delivered and was convinced that the golden blonde was too dark for my hair. When I wore them, she couldn’t even tell that I had them in until I dropped it in conversation. That to me says just how good they are.

Effortless Extensions

Not only do they come in a handy pouch to keep them from getting damaged, which for me is amazing as I can take them on trips around the world, they also come in 20 different shades and three styles. Effortless Extensions cost £74.95 and are available from the Effortless Extensions website. You can also follow Effortless Extensions on Twitter and Facebook.

  • They look really lovely, great colour match. Now I am blonde and shorter I will definitely consider getting these xxx

    • I have a discount code for 40% off, its AnoushkaLoves40 xxx

      • Thanks so much hun DEFO will get some now mine are awful xxx

  • I haven’t taken the plunge when it comes to extensions but I keep thinking about it to add some thickness, though my main issue is at the crown. You look stunning in the last photo by the way, like a summer goddess 🙂

  • Laura BVL (@BVelvetLover)

    They look like Rapunzel extensions! I need extensions so bad and it’s hard to get a good blonde match sometimes but they suit you!

    Laura x

    • Thank you so much Laura. You should try Effortless. Use AnoushkaLoves40 for 40% off xxx

  • I bought some hair extensions back in 2011 but they were synthetic hair and they looked awful. They weren’t cheap either. I wore them once, not even out of the house, and never put them in again. I sold them on ebay eventually. However, your extensions look amazing. You’re right you can’t tell where your hair finishes and they begin, the magic of feathering. I’ve grown my hair out now so no need for extensions, but if I did want any then I would get some like yours. xxx

    • These are some of the best that I’ve tried, I absolutely love them 🙂 xx