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Dr Organic Snail Gel Skincare range

Why hello there everyone and thank you for bearing with me and my lack of posting. I’ve been taking some time to myself lately and trying to get organised with some blog admin and behind the scenes stuff, and I think I am back on track with everything. Whilst planning my posts for the month of January, I have decided to include a lot of my favourite type of beauty product – skincare. I am a little bit obsessed with all things skin care and I love to try new products so when Holland and Barrett asked if I would like to try the Dr Organic Snail Gel Skincare*, I jumped at the chance.

Dr Organic Snail Gel Skincare

I am moisturiser mad so the Dr Organic Snail Gel Cream* has firmly taken its place in my evening routine. After the usual cleanse, tone, serum I apply a small amount of the snail gel cream to my face and leave it to sink in and work its magic overnight. I was a little bit apprehensive at first when I saw the words snail secretion written on the box, however I soon got over it. The cream smells like lemon sherbet and I sometimes it reminds me of lemsip powder. Snail secretion has properties that help your skin heal and can be seen as anti ageing. I’ve been using the products for around 6 weeks now, and each morning when I look in the mirror, I feel that my skin looks healthy and renewed. I don’t have an issue with ageing as of yet, however at 32 I am very conscious that these signs are starting so I have been taking comfort in the anti ageing properties of the cream. At £19.99, I think its a great price for such a good cream and will definitely be making a repurchase when I finish this tub. I must also point out that I find it a tad too rich to wear as a day cream which has an adverse affect on my make up so I have been using this solely in the evenings.

 Dr Organic Snail Gel skin care

My Sunday night routine always includes a face mask and I’ve been loving the Dr Organic Snail Gel Moisture Mask*. A 10ml sachet is only £1.99 and I can get usually get two applications from the one sachet. After cleansing I pop this on for around 10 minutes then rinse with a warm cloth. My skin feels super smooth and soft and I feel that my skin goes back to normal, rather than having dry patches or an oily T Zone.

 Dr Organic Snail Gel skin care

I’ve had to step up my game lately with hand creams. I carry one in my bag, have one in the kitchen, by my bed and on my desk yet I’m, terrible at remembering to use them. This chilly weather has been doing nothing to help my hands lately and the dry skin around my nails is getting worse and I can’t help but pick. Naughty! I’ve been making such a conscious effort to use Dr Organic Snail Gel Hand Elixir, £14.99*. It’s quite thin in consistency and has the same lemon sherbet scent as the moisturiser. I find it to be a bit tacky so it needs time to sink into the skin, which is fine as it doesn’t take long at all. It makes my hands feel so silky, I find myself stroking my own hands!

Don’t let the snail secretion put you off as this range has really made an impact on my skin care routine and in the look and feel of my skin. I’ve been more than impressed with the cream in particular and my skin seems to notice when I don’t use it. I’m am loving the plumped up look in a morning and the confidence that it brings to go bare faced. Overall, a winner for me and I have already got my eye on the face serum and eye serum for future youthfulness! I’m not surprised that the Dr Organic Snail Gel Skincare range has been flying off the shelves.

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