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Skin Treatments: The Derma Roller

I was aiming to have this post written up and published a few weeks ago however I have found it quite difficult to write it every time I have tried. Not because of the product, but because of the science behind it. Every time I have started to write, I have started to research and have managed to find myself deeply involved in how the skin works and more specifically, a certain property within our skin, collagen. I initially wanted to use the product, review it and then return a few weeks later to look at the results. What I didn’t intend to happen was the love that has formed for this wonder tool and a serum I have been using alongside it. As none of this probably makes any sense to you, let me explain.

Back in January I was contacted by a lovely lady, Kaia from DrDermaRoller to see if I would be interested in trying a a Derma Roller. I had never heard of such a thing so promptly took to her website – Derma Roller Shopto satisfy my curiosity. Following an email conversation to discuss my skin type and skin concerns, I was sent a 0.5mm needle Derma Roller, two face masks and a 20% less-active Q10 co-enzyme serum.

Derma Roller Needling

It took me a good week or two to pluck up the courage to actually try the Derma Roller. I had tried it over the back of my hand and the roller left red mark where the needle had penetrated so I was a bit unsure about when to try it on my face. It would be better to do it at night, so if you do get a any redness, it can disappear whilst you are sleeping. I eventually tried one Friday night, whilst having a pamper session. I cleansed my face thoroughly before I used the Derma Roller, the proceeded to run the Derma Roller over my face, first horizontally and then vertically, taking care around my eyes. I followed this with the Q10 serum and let it sink in. I didn’t get a red face at all, and I got one tiny little pin prick of blood on my nose where I was a bit heavy handed. It definitely doesn’t hurt, its more like a tickling sensation and I found it quite enjoyable.

Derma Roller Needling

The weird thing I found from my experience of using Derma Roller was after I had a applied the serum. Do you know when you put a good moisturiser on and you can feel your skin drinking it up? Well, it was very similar to that but I could actually feel the serum inside my skin. It penetrated so deeply that inside my skin that it felt so unusual, I can’t even explain the sensation. When I woke up the following morning, I did find that parts of my skin felt slightly crusty. I’m believing this to be because I’d opened up my pores so deeply and after cleansing, I felt all fresh and practically glowing.

Derma Roller Needling

The main purpose of the Derma Roller is to help in the production of the collagen, by starting the skin renewal process that is triggered by the needling. This then in turn improves the skin surface appearance, fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness and elasticity. The 20% less-active Q10 co-enzyme serum revitalises the skin cells and replaces the naturally occurring Q10 in the skin, that decreases with age. The serum also contains antioxidants that help reduce wrinkles and makes skin look more healthy, more youthful and plumped up.

Derma Roller Needling

Derma Rollers should really be used once every 3-4 weeks. I have used mine three times now and use the serum every single day in my night time skincare routine. Since using Derma Roller, I have noticed that problem areas on my cheeks have disappeared and my skin, although I am fairly young, looks even more youthful. I feel plumped up, fresher and more willing to go make up free. I am incorporating the Derma Roller into my routine for good, as the difference I can see now, will only get better.

Have you tried Derma Roller? Is it something that you would like to try?

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