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When my Mum was about 16 years old, she worked in Boots the Chemist as a beauty counter girl. Whilst working there, she met a lady, who also worked there, who taught her some invaluable life lessons and ones that she has subsequently passed down to myself and my sister. One piece of knowledge that the lady gave her was about hairbrushes. She said that if you can’t afford to invest in a Mason Pearson hairbrush, then a Denman is the only brush that will do. Did you know that I have only ever used a Denman brush, literally from birth. Although I have been sent these two Denman Brushes to review, I have nothing but genuine praise for this brand.

 Denman Brushes

The AnarKitty range is a limited edition range created in conjuction with the artist AnarKitty. This is the third and final instalment from the cult modern artist Emma Geary, and Goldie is a nod to the swinging sixties. The design features Goldie, with her massive beehive, Twiggy style eyeliner and psychedelic print Rococco dress. Previous designs include Sassy, a tribute to Vidal Sassoon, and Ruby which takes its influence from the 1920s. The design has been printed onto the classic D3 styling brush which is a medium 7 row styler. I have been using this style of brush as long as I can remember. As I have fine hair, but a lot of it, the 7 row styler is perfect for my long hair. For thicker hair, like my Mums, the D4 styler is brilliant. The AnarKitty Goldie is the same quality that you expect from Denman and still has the anti-static rubber pad with nylon bristles that gives maximum grip when styling hair. AnarKitty Goldie is great value at just £7.50 from Denman Brush.

 Denman Brushes

Denman Brushes (8)

The second brush that has been sent to me has literally been a life saver over this last few weeks. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen conversations I have been having about my recent hair loss. I’ve been taking steps to try and help the hair loss, and I now believe it is down to a change in my body rather than anything else. Each time I wash my hair, I lose clumps of it and it breaks off both at the root and in places down the hair shaft. I have been using the Tangle Smoother to brush my wet hair as the soft and durable nylon bristles are gentle on my hair and don’t cause any extra damage or breakage. Although I am still losing hair, the amount that is coming out seems to be a lot less than before, and my hair doesn’t feel fraught and under pressure. The bouncy cushion pad also feels lovely when massaged against the scalp. The Tangle Smoother is also brilliant for brushing through extensions too. It makes the hair look so shiny and helps against breakages and tangles. The Tangle Smoother is £10.18 from Denman Brushes

I also have the D14 5 Row styler to keep in my handbag and I use the D76 Large Thermoceramic round styling brush when I blow my hair. If you haven’t tried Denman, then I really do recommend them to you and I can guarantee that you will not use another brush again. I’ve never been able to say that I’ve used a particular product for all of my life, except Denman, and that to me speaks volumes!

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