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December Empties

Hey everyone! Remember me?! I feel like I’ve been away from blogging for so long, when its actually only a week! I am getting back into the swing and getting organised, and I’m starting with this HUGE bag of empties that has been cluttering up my bedroom. As I haven’t done an empties post in a while, I think some of these may have been empty since November.

Hair Care

Anoushka Loves December empties

Another month, another Batiste dry shampoo! I cannot believe how much of this I go through. Its perfect for giving your hair a bit of volume especially when using heated rollers on freshly washed hair. I prefer the tropical scent however if I have to use any of the others, I’m quite happy too.

Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturising shampoo and conditioner. I bought these in a trial pack alongside the Elasticizer, which I reviewed back in the summer. Although I like the shampoo and conditioner, I don’t think I would be rushing out to purchase the full size bottles. I don’t feel that it has made any difference to my hair from my current shampoo and conditioner from the L’Oreal Ever Pure range.

Nail Care

December empties

Superdrugs Nail Varnish remover is one of my most repurchased products. I find this remover to be quite kind to my nails and super effective in getting rid of all traces of polish. It even gets off glitter, with a bit of gentle persuasion and a cotton ball rather than a pad.

Although the OPI Nail Envy isn’t fully empty, I have already replaced it with a new one. There are often great deals on QVC for the matte and gloss Nail Envy duo packs for roughly £18. I like to use the matte as a base coat and the gloss when I’m having a natural nail day.

CND Stickey Base coat was recommended to me by a nail technician who said it would help in keeping my nail varnish on my nails rather than peeling off. It does work and I did notice that my nails stayed intact for a few extra days. The only downside to it, is that it leaks, even with the top fully screwed on. Not good for an air hostess really. I will be looking at a new base and top coat, so if anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

Body Care

December empties

Mitchum deodorant is probably the best deodorant in the world, ever. And I think that is all I have to say on that one!

Radox bath in ginseng and black pepper is very reminiscent in smell of Molton Brown Black Pepper. The muscle therapy in the bubble bath relaxes and soothes your muscles, and I love to have a bath of Radox if i’ve been working particularly hard or my back is sore. Radox is always on offer as well, so sometimes you can get it for 99p.

Soap and Glory Foam Call has been my favourite out of the body washes since it was released. The Fruitigo scent is so lovely, and people always comment on my fragrance when I’ve used it. I have replaced Foam Call with the Sugar Crush Body Wash out of my Yule Monty gift set

Vita Liberata body exfoliator was part of a travel exclusive set that came alongside a bottle of the fake tan. I misplaced the exfoliator so I used up the fake tan many months ago. The exfoliator has a gorgeous scent and tiny micro beads that buff away dead skin. I would buy a full size of this product.

Crest 3D White is my favourite toothpaste. I do purchase this from America although they have released a version in the UK. The Oral B version doesn’t seem to be exactly the same so I will continue to use the Crest version as I think it does make my teeth so white. The Colgate Max White One has been in my suitcase for use when I’m on trips so I have been using it whilst I am away. Its a nice toothpaste but its not as fresh as I would have liked it to be.

Skin Care

December empties

La Roche Posay Micellar Water is my absolute number one make up remover product. Slightly more expensive than others on the market, it literally dissolves everything on my face and wipes off in two pads, one per eye. I’m on the hunt for a large bottle of La Roche, but it seems its only available in France. Grr!

L’Oreal Eye Make Up remover was a back up purchase as I forgot to pack my La Roche when I was on my travels. I’m not wholly impressed. I found that it irritated my eyes and left a sort of film over my face where I had used it. It took a few attempts to get heavy eye make up off and it didn’t remove mascara brilliantly. The smell however is light and fresh so I do like that.


December empties

Ah Environ, how I love your Sebuwash. A basic, does what it says on the tube kind of cleanser. No frills and fancy bits, the tea tree based cleanser dried up any oily patches and made my skin feel super cleansed and unclogged.A definite repurchase. Read my experiences with the Environ Skin Analysis here and my overall review of Sebuwash.

Origins Checks and Balances has left me feeling on the fence. Its a nice cleanser, I can’t see any visible differences in my skin yet I do feel lovely and fresh after using it. The scent is the biggest thing that puts me off. Its a very strong spearmint scent and I feel like I’m applying toothpaste to my face when I put it on. The foaming action is good and I like to use a muslin cloth to remove it all from my face. I’m so undecided!


December empties

Another Origins product to add to the empty pile, the GinZing moisturiser has been one of the most hyped up products in the Blogosphere. I have really liked this moisturiser and it is perfect for daytime. The gel consistency soaks in wonderfully and yet doesn’t leave any residue. I’m not 100% on a repurchase, but who knows! I did find that it ran out quite quickly, it was like it was evaporating!

Make Up

December empties

I’ve not really used up much make up recently. I think it must mean that I have too much! The Miss Sporty clear mascara which is now a disgusting brown shade has been used to seal my brows when I have been using my Illamasqua eyebrow cake. I have also been using MAC Lingering eyebrow pencil on those lazy days when I can’t be bothered doing a full brow.

The L’Oreal Million Eyes mascara is the only mascara that I really use and I haven’t found anything that matches up to its amazingness. When I repurchased last time, I got a fab L’Oreal gift set too!

I’ve also used up my MAC paintpot in Let Me Pop. This was a limited shade but thankfully it has gone into the permanent line. It is very sheer and shimmery, however Reubenesque is a good alternative. I use my paintpots as primers or as shadows as they dry quickly and don’t crease.

I’ve also used up my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip treatment stick. The weather has been quite drying and my lips have been suffering lately, so this has come in handy to keep in my pocket. Its a bit more intensive than normal lip balm, so its a winner for me.

So, thats my December empties. I apologise for the picture heavy post but there was a lot to get through! Have you tried any of the products I have used up or do you want to? Please let me know!

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