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Christmas 2017: Nails Inc. I Believe in Unicorns Set

If you thought I had a lot of nail varnishes, then you haven’t met my Nanna. The true definition of a nailoholic and a hoarder, I can always rely on my Nanna to have the latest set from Leighton Denny and Nails Inc at QVC. The woman who introduced me to the Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File and the classic shade Supermodel, as well as the Nails Inc Nail Caviar, I can always rely on Nanna to have the finger on the pulse when it comes to new in and lustworthy sets. A quick nosy through her cupboard for a new colour brought me to one of the cutest sets of polishes that I have seen in a long time; the Nails Inc. I Believe in Unicorns Set, exclusively at QVC.

Nails Inc. I Believe in Unicorns Set

Nails Inc. I Believe in Unicorns Set

Nails Inc. I Believe in Unicorns Set

Nails Inc. I Believe in Unicorns Set

The set comprises of 6 pieces; five shades and the brand new Lacquer Lock top coat for just £29.50 plus postage. Considering a Nails Inc. polish is £15 individually, this is one heck of value set. Now, don’t believe that I get sucked into anything that contains Unicorns in the title, but I think you know me better than that by now. I knew that my Nanna had ordered this set and I really wanted to try the rose gold foil shade as well as the iridescent mermaidy shade, so I did. And I love them. The rose gold especially.

My nails are a terrible, dreadful, flaky and peeling mess so I am thankful for nail colour wheels right now to show you how pretty these shades are. I don’t think there is a single shade that I wouldn’t wear, and I am loving the cornflower blue for Spring. Of course, Mermaid Playsuit is one of my favourites, with Carriage Gotta Wait being the shade that I need to wear constantly.

1 x Lacquer Lock top coat (14ml) – a clever formulation that allows the top coat to bond to your colour and deliver a gel manicure-type finish at home without the need to soak off. The overall manicure effect is harder and more resistant to chipping
1 x Mermaid Playsuit nail polish (14ml) – iridescent blue
1 x Believe or Leave nail polish (14ml) – cornflower blue
1 x Woke up in Wonderland nail polish (14ml) – pretty pink
1 x Enchanted Heels nail polish (14ml) – iridescent pink
1 x Carriage Gotta Wait nail polish (14ml) – rose gold foil

I do have my reservations however against the Lacquer Lock. My nails don’t hold a manicure for a long time anyway, but the Lacquer Lock made them dreadfully frail. It was less than an hour when I got my first chip, and even with a foil finish polish, which would usually last for days, by the end of the day I was able to peel the polish off in one go. It reminds me of Seche Vite, which some people rave about, yet I only love for the mirror shine finish. I do think that I will be sticking to the Kensington Caviar top coat in future.

Although the shades are only delivered in a plain brown box, they can be made up into a cute little gift for one of your mermaid or unicorn loving friends, and it is such an amazing price for the 6 pieces. I really don’t think you can beat QVC for the offers and Nails Inc. definitely has some of the best offers on the site.

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