Christmas 2017: The Best of Skincare – Winter

It was a quite a tough decision to break my ‘best of’ brand theme but I had to include some current skincare loves. Each product that I have chosen has been helping my skin to look fresher, and brighter which is a huge must in this current weather. I’ve also been trying to protect my skin against the weather and pollutants and surprise, surprise, I’ve found another winning product from the guys at The Ordinary. So, in the spirit of Christmas and the winter months, these are the best skincare products that I have been using through November and into December.

The Best of Skincare Caudalie Odacite The Ordinary Teoxane

The Best of Skincare Caudalie Odacite The Ordinary Teoxane

The Best of Skincare Caudalie Odacite The Ordinary Teoxane

The love affair with Caudalie is still going strong and I’ve noticed that there are a few extra products creeping into my routine. I only spoke about Caudalie and the incredible offer on the Christmas gift set last week, but I couldn’t not introduce you to the two products that have been helping my skin look so fresh and healthy. Both products are acid based and use Glycolic acid to help lift the dead skin cells from skin to show the fresh skin underneath. I use a lot of products with glycolic acid within the formula, as I find that it very gentle on my skin yet does what I need it to do without being harsh and making my face look like it’s had a chemical burn. I do alternate frequently so I don’t overdo the acid, so I only use the Caudalie Glycolic Peel Mask once a week. It’s a cross between a scrub, a peel and a mask and when rinsed off, it gives skin the instant radiance that I have been crying out for. My skin feels so smooth and soft, like it’s had a real good exfoliate which makes the following creams and serums sink into my skin much easier.

The second product from Caudalie is the Concentrated Brightening Essence. After running out of the Estee Lauder Micro Essence I needed something similar that I could use before my serums of an evening. I heard a lot of good things about the Caudalie Essence as it has been inspired by Korean skincare to revitalise skin, to hydrate and plump. The essence does contain glycolic acid so again, the dead cells are lifted, leaving fresh skin to be penetrated by a good serum. I’m still using my VineActiv Overnight Detox Oil at bedtime, and it feels like it is heading really deep into my skin to replenish my face.

For the last few weeks, I have switched from my night cream to the Teoxane Perfect Skin Refiner, and what a good decision that has been. The first few times that I did use this, my skin dead feel like there was something a bit alien on it. It had a tingling, almost warming sensation which disappeared during use maybe a few sessions in. A cream designed for night time that is made with a blend of resurfacing ingredients such as glycolic acid to help the skin look it’s best. It’s funny because although my skin has become really clear, and almost like new, I have noticed that the slight discoloration and pigmentation that I have around my cheeks looks a bit lighter. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been upping the ante with all the acid but there are definitely changes to what I am seeing. I’m quite impressed considering that it’s only been a few weeks and already I’m noticing a change.

The Best of Skincare Caudalie Odacite The Ordinary Teoxane

The Best of Skincare Caudalie Odacite The Ordinary Teoxane

The Best of Skincare Caudalie Odacite The Ordinary Teoxane

New in from The Ordinary is the EUK 134 0.1% which is the only product on the market to have such a high concentration of EUK. This product isn’t to be used with high concentrations of acids, so I avoid this at all times that I have used anything with an exfoliating acid such as glycolic acid. I have been using this mainly in the morning as it layer beautifully with The Ordinary Serum Foundation for a healthy, lightweight base. As with all the products from The Ordinary, the science behind it is really clever and in a nutshell EUK is an antioxidant. This means that skin from free radicals and forms regenerating molecules. EUK on the skin is a warming serum, that may surprise you at first with its brown colour. I love putting this on in a morning as it makes my skin feel lovely and I know that I will be protected from the nasties in the atmosphere, including pollution – handy as I work in an overpopulated, busy city centre.

Did you know that Sarsaparilla is known in aromatherapy for being reassuring and cheering? Maybe that’s why it reminds me of the olden days when the Pop Man used to come round and we used to get the big bottles of the much loved drink. A great addition to the Odacité Ba + S Eye Contour Serum formulation, as well as the Neroli and lavender to relieve the eye puffiness that I have become so accustomed to recently. I am useless at using eye cream so to have actually used an eye cream for the last few weeks has been somewhat of a personal achievement. I haven’t really noticed any particular changes in those fine lines that have taken root around my eyes, but the puffiness is definitely reducing.

What skincare products have you been using lately?

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  • Erin Russell

    I need to try out more from Caudalie soon, their range is just slaying at the moment! And I am still the only blogger left on planet earth to not have tried the ordinary yet! 🙁

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  • Issy Fox

    I need to try more Caudalie, I used a moisturiser from them a few moths ago and it was AMAZING – I need to remember what it was x