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Charlotte Tilbury Stars in Your Eyes Palette

Hi, my name is Anoushka and over the last three months, I have purchased several eyeshadow palettes and I am still wanting more. I’m justifying it by telling myself it’s for the blog but in reality, it’s because I am addicted to little squares of eyeshadow. Today’s palette has given me a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions if I’m being honest. I think I kind of bought it because it was pretty and I had a voucher to spend but since I got it home, I didn’t really rush the ‘let’s photograph it so I can use it’ stage. Did I really want it? Did I buy it just for the sake of it? I have finally taken some time to actually really use the Charlotte Tilbury Stars in Your Eyes palette and see how I really feel about it. 

Now, this palette is out of stock everywhere online and it won’t be restocked due to it’s limited edition status, however I have noticed that at the Charlotte Tilbury counters in stores such as Selfridges and John Lewis that stock levels have been high. The new Charlotte Tilbury palette is the second limited edition 12 pan palette that has been released. I didn’t purchase the first one as I found it was a little too cool toned for my liking. The Stars in Your Eyes palette however is packed full of warm toned goodness, with a mix of matte, shimmer and glitter. For a 12 pan palette, it wasn’t cheap and retails at £60. This makes its around £20 more expensive than other mid range eyeshadows including those from Too Faced and Anastasia Beverly Hills who’s formulations I love. 

I do think that one of my issues with the palette is that it looks too similar to others that I own, including the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice palette that I recently bought. My thoughts on the Charlotte Tilbury palette were mainly developed whilst it was sat in my spare room and not being used so now that I have actually took the plunge to get it photographed and start using it, my thoughts have changed dramatically. 

As an owner of the majority of the Charlotte Tilbury quads, I adore the formula. Silky smooth, buttery and heavily pigmented. Easy to apply, blend and build up. The pop colours have changed my simple eye to a dramatic illusion bringing the desk to disco vibe to life. The Stars in Your Eyes Palette is no different when it comes to a beautiful formulation and in turn, this cements the cost and that £60 is definitely worth it. Comparing the 12 pan to the quad palettes which retail for £39, then you can justify the price tag. 

Split into four eye looks; The Love Look, The Happy Look, The Power Look and The Confidence Look, the focus of the palette is to put light back into your eyes. Developed to be layered or as a light wash of colour, with the inclusion of sheer pops of glitter shades, this really does make it a versatile palette for all eye looks. I do feel that I didn’t give it enough love when I first bought it, because now I kicking myself in that I have left it alone and untouched for so long, when now I can’t stop reaching for it. 

When I had prepared the swatches on my arm ready for photographing, I realised just how beautiful these shades were. I am a total sucker for the deeper shades, but I also found that I was becoming drawn to the lighter shades. Whilst The Confidence Look would be the three shades I would usually reach for straight away, I surprised myself by using The Love Look as my first eye look that I created with the palette. I shock myself daily these days when I see just how my taste is changing. 

Whilst the palette plays on the four look in one palette, I think that the entire palette is a work of art when it comes to the complementary shades and the four looks has quickly become an infinite shade combination. It’s safe to say that I fallen a little bit in love with Stars in Your Eyes. I only wish that now I’ve realised just how beautiful it is, that it wasn’t a limited edition as I want these shades in my life forever more. 

*Although I purchased this myself, I did use a voucher as part payment which was kindly gifted to me by Selfridges. 

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