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bPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette

Another week, another new palette that has caught my eye. This week, my love has fallen to the Stacey Marie Carnival Palette from bPerfect which is exclusively available at Beauty Bay. I wasn’t particularly bothered at first about this little beauty, but after seeing it across social media and watching the hype grow and grow, I fell deep. For a small Irish based brand, this palette has launched them into the stratosphere, with stock flying off the shelves to the point of sell out. Carnival has been featured on channels such as Nikkie Tutorials, Manny MUA and I haven’t heard, seen or read a bad word about it. It was destined to become mine, and when I saw the lovely Gill from Eyeliner Flicks use hers in her Instagram Story, it was the seal of approval that I needed.

Stacey Marie, for those who do not know of her work, is a UK based makeup artist who is known for her use of colour. The Carnival Palette was created with a love affair of bright and bold shades, but misses out those neutral filler colours to create a palette that its not only unique but makes you want to embrace the bright. I have been finding lately that I have been a lot less apprehensive about using colour and really pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. The Carnival palette has sat perfectly within my collection. It’s not only the home to shades that can be worn on a day to day basis but also houses intensely pigmented colours in a range of colours. 

The palette itself is quite spectacular to look at and I really do love how it also contains two large highlighter shades. It’s the finer details like this that make me happy. It’s one less item to pack when going away and everything I need in one palette. 24 shades of shadow, in a range of matte, shimmer and metallic. I do think that the swatches compared to real life using on the eye are somewhat different, and the swatches did cause some concern to build up the shades with some coming off as quite dusty and patchy. I have tried these out on my eyes several times, and I definitely haven’t had any issue with patchiness or the texture and formulation. I have found that I struggle to blend these with a set eye base, so a tacky base is definitely needed for an easier blend and to pack on the colour. They are incredibly pigmented, and the bright neon pink and some of the blue shades did leave a slight stain to my arm, however this was applied directly to the skin with no base product. I haven’t used the pink in as much concentration on my eyes since, but I am pleased to say that there has been no further staining to my skin! 

Although I don’t have a great deal of super bright coloured palettes, the ones that I do have pale in comparison to Carnival. I do love my Jolie Beauty palette, but overall there isn’t much of a comparison in regards to shade range and brightness. 

Looking through the Stacey Marie and Carnival Palette hashtags on social, there have been some utterly beautiful and inspiring creations that have been made using the palette. I am still improving my skills and one day, I do wish to be able to knock out a stunning brightly coloured cut crease with halo spotlight and all sorts of jazz like these girls are creating. Until then, I am really making the most of learning a new skill with these shadows that I would usually shy away from. 

If you haven’t yet plucked up the courage to get your bPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette, then you really should. Aside from it being this years most hyped product, it has really brought my creativity to the forefront and has pushed the boundaries that I had given myself when working with colour. It is currently in stock at Beauty Bay and retails at just £40. You know you want one! I think I will also need to get the new bPerfect MMMMitchell highlighter palette although it is out of stock on pre-order at the moment. 

bPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette
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