BPerfect Brush On Lashes

There has been a huge hype over the last twelve months for fibre lash mascaras, with one brand in particular leading the trend. The brand, who’s name I won’t mention, has created such a fuss that it has put people like myself off this ‘unique’ concept. After seeing social media timelines filled with pictures of dreadfully scary looking spider lashes, I felt that I was best of sticking to my old faithful Roller Lash and a good set of false lashes for added drama and volume. When I was introduced to new brand BPerfect, I thought it was about time to see if I could make the fibre lash mascara work for me and if it was worth the extra time and effort that goes into creating the dramatic lash.

BPerfect Brush On Lashes

BPerfect Brush On Lashes

The BPerfect Brush on Lashes retail at £22.99 and can be purchased directly from their website, with no need to find a presenter of the product and be signed up to become a presenter. Winning already. The innovative system of the brush on lashes emulates eyelash extensions by using a gel mascara and green tea fibres to enhance and lengthen natural lashes. I was slightly dubious at first, only because I’ve seen so many horror lashes from the use of other brands so with a bit of patience, I set about creating my first set of fibre lashes.

BPerfect Brush On Lashes

BPerfect Brush On Lashes

I found that a light coat of my usual mascara provided a great base to start as it lengthened and separated lashes. Once dry, I applied the first coat of the Lengthening Gel. Before it dried, I used the Enhancement Fibres on the tips of my lashes. As the gel dries, it sets the fibres in place and ready for another coat of the Lengthening Gel. I like to add the fibres at least twice to get a naturally volumised look without running the risk of getting spider lashes. I have also found that the Tweezerman Eyelash comb is an essential to comb through lashes, leaving them looking long and full.

I must mention my only little downside. I wear contact lenses and I also work days as long as 16 hours, in a pressurised, dry cabin. I wore the BPerfect lashes for work and by the end of the day, I could not wait to remove them as they really do not agree with my tired eyes. This may be just a problem for me, but don’t let it put you off. I didn’t get any kind of flakiness, or fibres going into my eye, or settling under the eye area. I also didn’t get any irritation when wearing them on normal/non-working days. I preferred the feel of the BPerfect lashes to wearing false lashes as you can’t feel them at all. In fact, when I wore false lashes at the weekend, I was so concerned as I could feel the glue lifting off. That wouldn’t have happened with my lash extensions!

They aren’t something I could wear every day, especially whilst at work however I look forward to the times where I can wear BPerfect Brush On Lashes. My mind has been changed about the product in general, and now I know that I can make lovely long, non spider leg looking lashes. As you can see in the picture, I have applied two coats of BPerfect and compared them to my bare lashes.

BPerfect Brush On Lashes

The presentation of the Brush on Lashes would also make a great gift, and as a brand new company BPerfect are launching several new items over the next few months. I’ve been using the mineral powder foundation as well, which I will be featuring in an upcoming post.

The full range is available from BPerfect Cosmetics.

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  • I am so glad you changed your mind as I am obsessed with mine, I def don’t wear them everyday but think they are so much easier than fake lashes xxx

  • Jemma

    These sound amazing!
    Thanks for sharing

  • Carly’s Beauty Blog

    Oh my goodness – I know exactly what you mean about that fibre lash mascara brand! It’s been enough to drive us all crazy! This one looks great though. You can see a massive difference in the before and after pics. X

    ♥ Carly’s Beauty Blog ♥

  • Amie Cadwallader

    Those brushes look amazing and not only that they look like they work really well too! Definitely look like they’re a good investment!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan