Bourjois One Second Gel Polish

I think the beauty world has gone a bit mad for the new Bourjois One Second Gel polishes. When I first went to purchase them, the stock levels in Boots and Superdrug were really quite sparse and the colours quite limited. I picked up Meli Melon, the last one on the shelf, that somebody had craftily hidden behind another product. Sneaky!

Meli Melon is a beautiful pale coral polish, which promises a gel finish from its unique silicone texture. The brush is wide and fits the nail perfectly. I have noticed however that it has to be applied pretty perfectly otherwise it streaks and the second coat gets a bit gloopy. The polish promises a 50 second drying time, but I found that it was slightly longer. Not a huge issue, of course, and may be down to putting too much varnish on my nail perhaps.


What I have found however is that this polish isn’t giving me a super high gloss gel finish like the name suggests. I’ve tried it on my own nails and my nail wheels, and as you can see from the picture, it just looks like a normal nail varnish and not the thicker gel like consistency that you have given the illusion of.

I tried Bourjois with my regular topcoat and without. It lasted slightly longer with a topcoat, however on both occasions I had dreadful chipping, cracking and bending to the polish. Every review I have read seems to be singing the praises of Bourjois One Second polish, but I really don’t think its all that. I don’t feel like I should be blaming my job, my weak nails etc as an excuse as other varnishes are longer lasting when in these environments.


The colour selection offers 20 different shades, and although its not the most long lasting, high shine polish I own, some of the colours are gorgeous and for this alone I would repurchase.

I have found a dupe for Meli Melon, its the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polish in Papaya. I actually think that this is my favourite out of the two. Its glossier and lasted 3 days without chipping.


Bourjois retails at £5.99 for 9ml
Barry M retails at £3.99 for 10ml

  • Gillian

    I had exactly the same problem, this chipped so badly for me, too! Good job the colours are nice!
    Gillian xx

    • Oh i’m so glad it wasn’t just me then! I think I’ll stick to my Barry M in future 😉 xx

  • I had this nail polish – it did NOT dry within the time it states / anywhere near as to how quick it says on the bottle; even 5 minutes later it was still tacky and smudgey. I love Bourjois for their makeup, but their nail polishes (for me) chip and smudge way too easily. I’m all about Rimmel or Barry M when it comes to the talons

    N xxx