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The Perfect Tan – LDN:Skins & Tanworx

Being a total tanoholic who doesn’t like to go in the sun, I am always on the look out of new tanning products that will keep my skin looking naturally bronzed and glowing without going into the harshness of the skins harmful rays. I have some wonderful tanning products that I swear by, and I’m adding to them fairly quickly. After a conversation with a friend who always seems to have fake tan disasters, which has really put her off using false tan, I thought it was a good idea to put together a little how-to. Maybe you’re a tan addict like myself, or a newbie who wants to know how to get the most out of their tan, this guide will help you in achieving a perfect tan ready for the warmer weather.

The most important step in false tanning isn’t the tanning itself. It’s the preparation. Sometimes this seems like the most difficult step to do, especially if you’re running short on time or need a quick tan boost without the effort. I personally never tan on the same night that I have shaved my legs as this can end up with he tan settling in the open pores and leaving you looking a bit pin pricked to say the least. On the day before my tanning session, I like to run myself a hot bath and give my legs and arms a good exfoliate. I’ve been using LDN:Skins Foaming Exfoliator in the bath to remove any dead skin cells and to leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. It’s a liquid exfoliator that mixes with water to make a foamy lather that doesn’t scratch the skin or feel too intrusive. It smells amazing and I’ve noticed a huge difference in how my tan applies. The hot bath also helps with a closer shave, so my body is ready for a good tanning session. The Foaming Exfoliator is also ideal for removing the last bits of false tan before the next application.

The Perfect Tan - LDNSkins & Tanworx

The Perfect Tan - LDNSkins & Tanworx

The Perfect Tan - LDNSkins & Tanworx

The Perfect Tan - LDNSkins & Tanworx

When it comes to tanning, I prefer to use a mousse or a lotion rather than a spray tan as I find them easier to control. LDN:Skins Tone 2 Self Tan Lotion has been gracing my limbs as of yet and the application is incredibly easy. A few pumps of the lotion onto a tanning mitt ensure no streaks. Starting from the feet and working up the body makes sure application is even and not compromised during the tanning process. By working in stages you can make sure each part of you is dry before moving onto the next part. I always leave my arms until last and when I’m done I am dry enough to get into my comfortable clothes without it transferring onto clothes or bedding.

The LDN:SKins tanning products develop into a natural tan within 6-8 hours and as with most tanning products, I prefer to wear it overnight for maximum results. The colour it develops into on my skin is such a natural golden bronze, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a natural tan. No streaks, no patches and a perfect, even tan. I also love how there is no developing tan scent, and it smells more floral than biscuity.

To keep my tan in tip top condition and to get the most out of it, I keep my skin hydrated using an intensive moisturiser such as TanWorx Tan Maintainer by Monu Skincare. With Shea butter, carrot oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil, it’s a beautifully rich yet light moisturiser that locks onto colour and lets your tan fade evenly. I can’t find anything to say that the Tanworx has tanning accelerator in it, but I do notice a difference in my colour over the days that I use it.

As a tanning addict, I’m always open to trying new brands and I am so happy to have found LDN:Skins products. Have you any recommendations for me to try?

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