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Bobbi Brown Nude Glow Collection

As much as I love the deep plum and raspberry colours for winter, nothing gets me more excited than the launch of Spring collections from my favourite make up brands such as Bobbi Brown. There is something about Spring, in which everything feels fresher and cleaner, brighter and revitalised. Maybe its because we spend our winters wrapped up from the cold, and suffering from dry skin and chapped lips. In which our skin never looks as bright as it should and the cold wind outside nips at our cheeks and nose. In the winter, I never feel my optimum self. My skin, hair and nails need extra treatments until we get to Spring. In which I emerge like a butterfly from my beauty product covered cocoon!

Although its only January, I am already preparing for Spring/Summer by reorganising my make up and stalking blogs for new products. Whilst perusing the ‘New In’ section of my favourite online store, I found the most incredible looking eye shadow palettes from Bobbi Brown.

The Bobbi Brown Nude Glow Collection is split into three types with different colour palettes depending on your skin tone. The overall achievement is to have a natural nude glow that is tailored to yourself.

The lightest is Crystal, for extra light to light skin tones. Featuring a Brightening Finishing Powder in Porcelain Pink and the Crystal eye shadow palette, the colours are just absolutely breathtaking. A complimenting nail varnish and lipstick are also included.




For medium sin tones, Nude features a Brightening Finishing Powder and an eye shadow palette in colours that could have been made just for me.




And for my my summer self, the Bronze is simply stunning. The Brightening Finishing powder in Bronze Glow and the eye shadow palette in Bronze is a definite must for my make up bag.




The eye shadow palettes are all limited edition, so I suggest you snap one up fast before its too late. At a very reasonable £35 for the palettes and £40 for the finishing powders, in limited edition silver packaging, these will certainly make an impact in your make up bag. Why not have a look at the Bobbi Brown website and see which one you fancy. I will do my best to get a review up when I get my hands on one!

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