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Blogmas Day 18: Hot Hair Clip In Hair Pieces

I am useless with hair. I wish I was able to create those Pinterest worthy hair styles and up do’s with ease. Alas, it is not meant to be so I need to be a bit more creative and use something more than my trusty ghds to make my hair look amazing. Luckily, there are many brands out there who have taken the hard work out of hair by creating a range of extensions, hair pieces and ponytails that you simply clip into your hair, and voila! Instant glam. Thanks to Hot Hair Clip In Hair Pieces*, I’m a good to go with a moments notice.

Hot Hair Clip In Hair Pieces

I’m starting to build up quite a collection of Hot Hair pieces. I have two clip in ponytails and an uplift to add body and volume to my fine hair. They have an exceptionally reasonable price point compared to other brands of synthetic hair pieces. The only downside to synthetic hair versus real hair is the shine that it has. It does dull down with wear and I like to use a few sprays of dry shampoo to take the plastic sheen away. My hair is a mixture of colours right now. I’m growing out my natural mousy blonde and I’ve had my white blonde hair darkened in places to look a bit more natural. I still have very light hair, but it is ran through with lowlights and darker blonde pieces. With this is mind, I fall between two colours that Hot Hair sell, and these are Creamy Twist and Swedish Blonde. Creamy Twist is an almost perfect match, but sometimes I love having my white blonde hair back.

The Mermaid Clip In Pony, £25 in Creamy Twist is my day to day hair piece. I like to wear this for a natural look and the beachy waves of the ponytail add volume and wave to my thin ponytail. The piece is easy to apply. I just put my hair in a pony, attach the piece by securing the clip into my hair and wrapping around my ponytail. Wrap the hair around the velrco fastening and secure with grips.

Hot Hair Clip in Hair Pieces

Hot Hair Clip in Hair Pieces (13)

Hot Hair Clip in Hair Pieces

The Uplift Long, £49 is a nifty piece for when I’m wearing my hair down, or if I want a bouffant ponytail. My hair is quite fine but with a lot of it. I struggle to achieve volume, especially at the crown. The Uplift Long in Sandy Blonde clips into your hair at the crown using three hair clips and one at the base. Covering the join is easy and it looks natural whilst making your hair look full and volumised.

Hot Hair Clip in Hair Pieces (9)

Hot Hair Clip in Hair Pieces (44)

Hot Hair Clip in Hair Pieces

My favourite hair piece is perfect for nights out and makes me feel so glam. The Party Pony, £29 in Swedish Blonde is a clip in wrap around pony piece that works in the same manner as the mermaid pony. It’s not totally curly all the way through, yet the ends are big and bouncy. It quite long and covers my natural ponytail with ease. I do like the contrast between my darker natural roots and the lightness of the blonde. I’m waiting for the synthetic shine to go as it is a bit too shiny at the moment but it really doesn’t take away from its loveliness. I love swishing my hair around with the Party Pony and I think the straight pony will be next on my list.

Hot Hair Clip in Hair Pieces (5)


Hot Hair Clip in Hair Pieces (40)

Hot Hair Clip In Hair Pieces

The Hot Hair Clip In Hair Pieces are a great idea if like myself, you aren’t great at hair styles or want to add volume and thickness to your hair. Now I’ve sampled the synthetic hair pieces, I would love to see how well the human hair extensions perform compared to some of my favourite brands. I’m a huge fan of Hot Hair for quick and simple ways to transform a plain hairstyle.

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