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Blogmas 2015 Day 22: The Nouveau Knot by Label M

I wish I was one of those girls who could make my hair look amazing with practically no effort. Alas, I am not. I have long hair, granted, so I can tie it up but it’s just so blah. Fine at the root, I need extra help to get some much needed volume in it and I overuse dry shampoo like it’s going out of fashion just for some extra va va voom. Gah, what I would give for thick hair so I can dutch braid it or throw it into a top knot that doesn’t make me look like I have a pea head. However, I have found a solution to my traumas. A handy hair kit with step by step instructions on how to create a messy, bang on trend knot with minimal effort and just a small bit of fuss. Bring on that back combing brush whilst I create the Nouveau Knot by Label M.

Label.M have already featured in my Christmas Present post as I have fallen for the Honey and Oat trio. My hair has gone from limp and lank to feeling a lot more full bodied healthier after using the mask. When I saw the two kits available – The Bardot Beehive and The Nouveau Knot, I couldn’t resist this quick and easy way to get a decent up do in minutes, and it’s so easy to do. Inside the box for the Nouveau Knot is everything that you need to get started. The Label.M Blow Out Spray adds volume and body to your hair whilst the Label.M Dry Shampoo helps revive hair especially in between washes, when it’s the best time to create styles. It also leaves hair with a glossy sheen and no white patches. The Label.M Session Hair Up Brush makes light work of backcombing hair and the narrow brush gives total control. A bag of straight back pins can be hidden when clipping up your new nouveau knot, whilst kirby grips secure hair. Finally small black hair elastics mean you can tie your hair up with ease, without the risk of snagging and damaging hair.


The Nouveau Knot by Label M

The Nouveau Knot by Label M

The Nouveau Knot by Label M

The Nouveau Knot by Label M

To create the Nouveau Knot by Label M, I prefer to wait until my hair isn’t squeaky clean so it can be styled easily with no flyaway hair. Using the Blow Out Spray, spritz over dry hair and using your hairdryer, blow some volume and texture into your hair. The Blow Out Spray makes your hair look huge so I will definitely be using this more often. Section off your hair horizontally around the mid section and pull the lower section into a ponytail and secure using the black hair elastics. With the hair on the upper section, back comb it so it looks full and fabulous. Secure this section into a ponytail so it sits above the lower pony. As I have quite fine hair, I have to backcomb the root for the lower pony as well, just so it gives a bit more oomph when wrapping it in a knot. With the two ponytails, wrap them around each other to create a knotted messy bun. Secure with the straight back pins or kirby grips depending on your preference. Finally, spray the Dry Shampoo over the finished style to mattify the hair.

I’ve worn this style a few times now and each time I have been varying the technique so it suits my hair type. I love having my hair pulled back off my face so this trendy updo works so well for me. If I can ‘formalise’ it to an extent and make the messy knot a bit neater, it would be ideal for work as well. What do you think of the Nouveau Knot by Label M?

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