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Bleach London Rosé

Sometimes, even aged 31, you just have the urge to have pastel pink hair, and when I saw the new range of Bleach London hair colours, I just couldn’t resist. Bleach London have brought out a range of twelve different colours with shades from ‘Washed Up Mermaid’ to ‘The Big Pink’, all temporary and only take 15 minutes to change your style. I chose Bleach London Rosé for a subtle pink hue.

I have longish hair, past my shoulders and I have it professionally coloured and highlighted every eight weeks. I was slightly worried about the colour not washing out fully and damaging my hair that already goes through a lot to get it so blonde. I read up on reviews of Bleach London Rosé and thankfully, they all say that it faded to nothing within several washes. Bleach London also have a Washing Out Liquid available to help speed up the fading process, and remove those stubborn areas. My hair pre colouring was due a root touch up, and I was aware that the highlighted areas in my hair would take the most colour when the dye was rinsed off. Bleach London do suggest to use the dye on pre lightened or bleached hair for the colour to take, so my roots definitely wouldn’t get the benefit of the dye!


The Bleach London Rosé comes in a 150ml bottle, with full instructions on the reverse. After colouring my hair, there is still half a bottle of colour left over so I can get another application out of it. I washed my hair but didn’t condition it, and after towel drying I sectioned it off into manageable pieces to apply the colour. Gloves do need to be worn as the product is so bright it will colour your hands neon pink. I applied a reasonable amount to each section and massaged in, making sure the entire area was covered. I looks a shocking candy pink colour when applied, I was so nervous!

Bleach-London-Rose (2)

But, 15 minutes later…

Once it was rinsed out and my bath was bright pink, it actually looked like the colour hadn’t taken very well. Prior to blow drying, I quickly applied a leave in conditioner to the ends, brushed through and started drying. Eek.

I’m very pleased with the outcome. There are, as always, areas where I could have concentrated on more or applied more colour. The highlighted parts of my hair have naturally gone pinker than others and my roots have taken hardly any colour. The ends of my hair could have done with a little longer for the colour to develop but all in all, I am really impressed with my pastel pink locks.


I haven’t yet washed my hair but I will keep an update as the process fades out. I’m already considering my next colour. Washed Up Mermaid anyone?

Bleach London Rosé is available from Boots, priced at £5 for 150ml bottle.

Have you tried any Bleach London products? What colour did you go for?!

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