Benefit Puff Off

I love a new Benefit release and I get ridiculously excited when I hear about what’s coming soon. I’ve been seeing some hints and sneak peaks since before Christmas so when Puff Off* dropped through my letterbox, I couldn’t have been any more excited to try this new wonder product. There has been so much interest and hype through social media with so many people asking me my thoughts, so I have intensively tested it over the last week and now I am ready to give my thoughts on the new Benefit Puff Off.

Benefit Puff Off

First of all, you can’t review any Benefit product without mentioning the packaging. I’m pretty sure the packaging is what drew me to Benefit many years ago when I bought my first ever product, which was the Box O Powder in 10.I loved the kitchness and quirkyness and several years later, the original spark that drew me to Benefit is still there. In a cutesy pastel pink that would fit in perfectly with those 1950s housewife style, it’s all very well thought out and very clever. The sleek tube off Puff Off is just the right size to keep in your handbag, and it’s also noticeable on a dressing table filled with cosmetics.

Benefit Puff Off

The most unique part of Benefit Puff Off is the tip which has been designed to look like an iron, to iron away those under eye bags. Now, why someone has never clicked onto this design before I don’t know. So simple, yet it works brilliantly. The pointed tip gets right into the corner of the eye and whilst cooling, the iron glides over the under eye area.

Benefit Puff Off

The eye cream itself isn’t as unique as it’s tip, and I have had similar under eye creams that cool, soothe and de puff however it doesn’t take anything away from its loveliness. The pale salmon pink colour of the cream works well in brightening the under eye area, and counteracting dark circles. I don’t think that the puffiness diminishes as well as I expected but it creates an illusion of a smoother, brighter surface. It’s handy for mid day top ups and I have noticed that I don’t look as tired when I have been wearing it.

Benefit Puff Off

Last week Benefit Puff Off really got put to the test. I had a quite upsetting day in which I shed a lot of tears and throughout the day the Puff Off held tight. Aside from what I can only describe as bobbling, where the silicon in the cream had got wet, it did remain intact. A top up gave my eyes a great lift and really refreshed the puffiness.

It’s a lovely product and it will come in very handy for me on my long haul flights for a instant uplift. Tired bags be gone! Benefit Puff Off will be available from the end of January at all Benefit Stockists for £22.50 If you didn’t see my post from Wednesday, check out the other new launch from Benefit, Roller Lash

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  • I’m looking forward to giving this a go! When i’ve been working shifts I definitely need something to disguise my tired eyes and this sounds perfect.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

    • It’s great for the mid afternoon tired face as well!x

  • I keep convincing myself I don’t need this but I really do. I think its the cute tip thats drawn me in so much!

    Lots of Love,

    What Abby Loves ♥

  • I enjoy these types of of prroducts. I am a big fan of the Cover + Olay Depuffer and I’ve also heard good things about the FAB version. I’ll check this one out as well. 🙂

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl’s Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • I cannot wait to pick it up the packaging is so pretty and my sore tired eyes want this NOW! I hope you are ok though, not nice to have a bad day xxx

  • I’ve just purchased a new eye cream, but am adding this to my list to try next! I love the iron style applicator! Xx

  • Chantelle

    Love the applicator on this! Will definatly have to try! X

  • I was drawn to this by the look of the super cute iron applicator, but after a few weeks it is now sat proudly on my desk, ready for use to keep me looking fresh throughout the day! Such a quick& easy use product 🙂