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I’ve been dreaming of the Mediterranean lately, and taking myself back to the days where I used to live in Mallorca. Those lazy summer days in the 30 degree heat, clear blue skies and crystal clear waters are giving me some serious wanderlust right now. I want to be back in the Med, eating tapas with the warm sun beaming down on my face. The closet thing I’m going to get to that, whilst sat on my couch in a grey and wet Manchester, is the addition of Beauté Mediterranea Skincare to my routine. Beauté Mediterranea is a cosmeceuticals brand hailing from Barcelona, that pride themselves on using prescription level formulas in the quest for perfect skin.

Although some may say that I don’t need to use anti-ageing skincare, I use it on the basis that my skin is exposed to the elements a lot more than most and with the constant abuse to my face from pollution and radiation, I need to look after it a little extra. I have a great skincare routine that I am dedicated to and I make sure that I spend time looking after the delicate skin on my face. When I discovered Beauté Mediterranea Skincare, I was really impressed with the whole creative process, in which products are created in a lab with highly concentrated formulas to the strength of a pharmaceutical product. Even the tubs and bottles they are packaged in are reminiscent of pharmaceutical packaging.

Beauté Mediterranea

Beauté Mediterranea

Beauté Mediterranea

Beauté Mediterranea

I’ve been trialling out the Matrikine Anti Ageing Power Cream which is quite an intensely rich cream formulated with an anti ageing agent that helps firm the skin, smooth and soften fine lines and target wrinkles whilst improving elasticity of the skin. The cream itself is really quite thick which would usually lead me to using it solely at night before bed, yet when applied it sinks into the skin really quickly, without leaving any oily residue and my skin feels cool and soothed.

I am terrible for forgetting to use eye creams and it doesn’t matter how many I have on the go, I can guarantee that I will forget about it. I’ve made a huge effort recently in trying to change my habits and to make sure that after all the lotions and potions have been slathered on, I don’t forget the eye cream. The Matrikine Anti Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream is a light gel like formula, which feels wonderful on the skin. It’s really lightweight and straight away, it brightens up the eye area and instantly gives a plumpness to the thinner skin around the eye.

As I don’t use anti ageing formulation specifically for reducing signs of ageing, I couldn’t really say if I saw any visible difference in lines and small wrinkles but what I can see is glowing, plump and healthy skin. The products are totally beautiful, and it has been a pleasure to add them into my routine. What I also love is the price. With both products coming in under £40 per piece, it is an affordable skincare range in comparison to other brands.

The whole range is available on the Mitonia website

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