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Amazing Cosmetics Primer and Powder

For the month of September I have held the honour of being Amazing Cosmetics very first Blogger of Month. I’ve been a convert to Amazing Cosmetics ever since I tried the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer in Medium Beige last Summer. A concealer worth it’s weight in gold for being the most amazing concealer I have ever tried. Full coverage, industrial strength and covers any imperfections, as well as being waterproof, it’s no wonder that I raved about it in my blog post. Since writing said blog post, I was contacted by Amazing Cosmetics to hold the title of blogger of the month and to also sample two more products from the Amazing Cosmetics range.

Amazing Cosmetics concealer, powder and primer

Amazing Cosmetics concealer, powder and primer

I chose the Line Smoother and Primer with Neodermyl as well as the Velvet Mineral Powderset to creating a perfectly smooth and flawless complexion. Throughout September, I have been using my super trio of the primer, concealer and powder and I have been loving the look that they have been creating.

I have a love – hate relationship with primers. My main need for a primer is to smooth skin and hold my make up in place for several hours whilst at work. The Line Smoother and Primer with Neodermyl is a really good primer that leaves my skin feeling like a very fine layer of silky goodness is sitting over the top of it. It does banish fine lines, so I have been using it in targeted areas; my laughter lines around my eyes, in between my brows and around my mouth. There is something in the scent of this primer that is also evoking some reminiscence to the past. The scent of sweets is really comforting and each time I use it, I can’t get enough of the smell. The primer is dispensed through the tip of the tube which cleverly contains three metal spheres for precision application and smoothing. The spheres feel particularly cooling under eye, but I do prefer to use my finger for a smoother application in this delicate area.



Neodermyl is a totally new scientific concept to me, so I had to have a nosy online to see exactly why it was so special, and why it was working wonders on my face. From what I could see, Neodermyly is the active ingredient that increases collagen density and firmness within the skin with twice daily usage. I only use it once a day, but I already have seen a difference in my skin where it looks a lot plumper in the areas that I have been using it. It has been suggested by Amazing Cosmetics to not just wear it under make up, but after make uo removal for an night time treatment, so I may incorporate it into my evening routine. It contains Hyaluronic Acid (my favourite), peptides and ceramides to deliver equivalent results of just one collagen filler injection. So, I can hold off on the botox for a little bit longer with the use of the primer, good news for my bank account!

Amazing Cosnetics Amazing Concealer

After applying my foundation over the top of my newly smoothed and filled in face, the Amazing Concealer has been coming in handy to cover up my imperfections and also to give extra coverage where needed. The shade medium beige is a perfect match for my skin and as I am using it for coverage, I like to layer it up in very fine layers for maximum staying power. I’ve been playing about with the Velvet Mineral Powderset, a translucent setting powder that holds the concealer in place without it looking cakey or feeling heavy on the face. I usually use a light dusting of my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder palette to complete my look, but I’ve found that the lightness of the Velvet Powderset combined with its setting power has been keeping my make up in place all day, and I’ve barely had to touch up. It is such a silky soft powder, and I’ve been applying it with a MAC powder brush, specifically over the areas that I have applied concealer.

Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Powderset

Although I am so used to applying a full face of make up, sometimes I like a day where I look done but I’m totally not. A quick fix using the Amazing Concealer and a touch of Velvet Powderset is literally all I need to look acceptable if anyone turns up unannounced. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same, but if I am not wearing any make up, I just feel a bit scruffy and unfinished. It just reminds me of a pj/duvet day where I am making no effort at all. I’m all for a slick of concealer and a dusting of powder to make me look more alive.

I can’t wait to see who is going to be crowned the Amazing Cosmetics Blogger of the Month for October. If you want to become an Amazing Cosmetics Blogger simply send in your review to Amazing Cosmetics.

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