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28 Days of Lipstick: Day Four | Rimmel Apocalips Eclipse

I love a good lip lacquer.Its not quite a lipstick yet its not quite a lip gloss but the overall effect is a delicious glossy, shiny perfect pout that lasts. Yummy! When Rimmel Apocalips hit the bloggersphere last summer, I grabbed a few shades and they became my handbag essentials. Although slightly messy to apply (its easier wiping the excess off the applicator with a tissue prior to applying) they have a staying power that rivals some of my favourite lipsticks and a shine like a high gloss top coat. The addition of new colours to the range certainly got me tempted and I had a hard time choosing which one to go for! I eventually settled on Eclipse, which is perfect for the winter months with its deep berry tones. The deep purple of the lacquer can be built up into a stronger pop of colour with an extra coat. I am totally loving everything about Rimmel Apocalips bar one little thing, which is that they are quite messy and can be a bit of a bugger to apply precisely (as you may see from my photo)!


Even the packaging of Rimmel Apocalips is cool with its futuristic design to go alongside its space-themed names of the lacquers.


The full range of Rimmel Apocalips now stands at 13 different shades. As well as Eclipse, I also have Apocoliptic, Stellar and Celestial. I would be more than happy to complete this range, as the shades are so wearable.

You can buy yours from Boots for £6.99.

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